Sharing Life

Well I am away for work again which is a necessary part of my job that I am grateful to have. However it gets me thinking as it normally does that life is so much better wheb it is shared sure we share a lot of negatives with each other but do we also share the joys. Sure a problem shared is a problem halfed but I have also found that a joy shared is a joy multiplied. Do you share your triumphs, your success, your passion and the gems in life that you have found?  I know when I am hiking solo and find a beautiful place I can’t wait to share it and drag my girlfriend out to experience it. To be a true family blood or otger I beilive you have to share life not just a roof.  I see it in the relationship my Aunt Paddy has with her children they share a lot together and it is obvious by the joy I see one thier faces when they get together. I can hear it now “but I have nobody to share with” I have felt that way myself in the past.  Try first by sharing a smile with somone walking by, share kife with a coworker, share your home with a pet (rescues please) just share life and if you do it enough trust me you will have peple to share it with.

What joy will you share today?

Peace Love Das

Frame of Mind

It doesn’t matter what you are doing the the proper frame of mind will always make it easier and possibly more enjoyable.  I can hike all day and stay up half the night no problem but put in one of my 16 hour work days and I’m dragging ass all over the place.  It’s because my frame of mind is all wrong if I only found joy in my work the same way I do in hiking I would have all the energy I need. If I stay positive the daily grind no matter what it is, it’s just easier.  I try to stay away from the bitching and complaining the kind that comes out of my mouth, other people’s mouths and most of all the kind rolling around my head.  I also try to start my day with some positive music or a prayer, it is always esier for me to get the ball rolling in the right direction if I aim first.  What do you do to stay in the right frame of mind?

Peace Love Das

Gay Marrige Legal In NJ

So yesterday it became legal for gay couple to marry in the great state of New Jersey. As a result traditional marriages were not effected at all, no mass divorce happened, hell didn’t freeze over, nothing. However people who have loved each other for a long time did start getting married which is a win win as I see it. I hear people crying “its not natural”, bullshit it is natural and not a choice. If God didn’t want gay people there would not be any, the very fact that they are here shows me that God approves. So congrats New Jersey and not just the gay people of New Jersey but all of us, its about time.

Peace Love Das

Taking A Break

Sometimes in life you have to take a break and smell the roses. Life can get so busy woth work and other life stuffs that we lose sight of whats really important. This week I am taking a break, the little lady and I are on vacation in south Florida visiting my family and having an overall fun filled time. With recently moving being super busy at work it is definitely welcome. Also great to see my brother and sisters to remember where I come from. Life seems a little slower right now and a whole lot more precious. It important things to remember at all times but sometimes we need a reminder. I feel truly blessed right now and hope to remember it whe. I get back to daily life. The sun is always shinning even if there are some flouds swirling around we just have to look a little harder.

Peace Love Das

Same Sex Love

Romantic love betwee two people should always celebrated no matter if those people are the same sex or not. People always bring up the religious aspects of right or wrong when debating this and weather I think that men were meant to lay with men or women meant to lay with women really doesn’t matter. Thier doing so has never effected my love for a woman, my views on marriage or my ability to practice my religion. Furthermore if you really think that its against God then hey why would he make people that way. Some people think its a choice and I have never believed that anymore than I have ever had the choice to love a man or a woman, I didn’t. I have always been attracted to women and if I was told your religion didn’t agree and I should love men there is nothing I could do to change what comes naturally so why the hell do people believe gay people have that choice. I strongly believe in peoples right to do what makes them happy if people agree with it or not as long as nobody is getting hurt and that sure is not the case hear. Love whoever you want thats fine by me.  Instead of trying to make laws preventing people from marrying who that want, maybe we should take that energy and try to stop all of the hate.

Just my two cents.

Peace Love Das


Happiness happens the moment you stop worrying about what you need to be happy. If you are worried about getting this or that all the time to be happy your gonna be pretty miserable. Many of the times I am most at peace I am doing something that anyone could do, nithing that takes a lit of money but more having an appreciation for what is given freely. I try to look at things through a childs eyes as if I am witnessing them for the first time, with out judgement just reaching out with my heart and loving understanding.

Peace Love Das
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Life has amazing twist and turns 10 or even 5 years ago I would have never pictured myself where I am today.  Most of the stuff I was worried about never happened and the things that did I never saw coming.  Some of the worst things that happened to me over that time turned out to be the best and some of the best turned out to be the worst.  Which lets me know I don’t always know what I want or need in the long run.  All the worrying in the world never got me anywhere but lost to all the beauty that was around me.  Today I try to keep that in mind to bring the light of mindfulness to every moment, help others where I can and try to spread a wave of smiles wherever I go.  It doesn’t always work out that way but I try and if it doesn’t work out there is always tomorrow.  Being love and spreading peace is what its all about these days and trying to extend that to everyone I come across isn’t always easy but always worth it.  When I flex the love muscle(keep it clean) it gets stronger and my smile gets brighter.  When I was being a spiteful person in my youth full of anger and hate I thought I was strong and in control.  Showing love and forgiveness is where real strength comes in today and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Peace Love Das

Stop Teaching Hate

When we stop teaching hate and start fostering the love that we are born with we will start to see a decline in they types of events that happened in Boston today.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been effected in this tragedy. We need to foster understanding of one another, take time to show people we care and stop teaching hate to our youths. I do not subscribe to any belief that anyone is better than anyone else, because of sex, religion, skin color, sexual orientation or any other reason. Some people are taught very early on that some group of people are wrong for some character trait, they take this information from their parents and run with it and some take it to extreme levels which is why I believe these events keep taking place. People go through tough times and they look for someone to blame and usually it is who they are taught to blame from their parents or society. The truth is a lot of the suffering they are going through in the first place maybe could have been helped from spending time with some of the people they have been shown to hate. With all the stuff in the news these days I still believe that most people are good people, what makes me believe this, you ask? I talk to people and get to know them regardless of how they look, dress or how much money they have.

If we all took the time to understand one another maybe we could have a few more hugs and a lot less bombs.

Peace Love Das

Spring Foward

Spring is a great time of year I love seeing things come back to life and for me it is a time of action.  Winter is a time of building energy and reflecting on where we have been but the energy of spring always urges me to move forward.  Lately I have been diving deep into meditation and really expanding my spiritual life yet again.  The people around me are always an inspiration moving forward in all aspects of life weather its at the gym, on the hiking trail, at work or in their relationships.  I love switching gears and I tend to get into reading mode when I am doing my spiritual practice and it sometimes becomes less of a practice.  One thing I was shown after years of filling my self with spiritual/religious knowledge that a little practice would go a lot further and I have found this to be absolutely true in my life and the impact it has on others.  I try to keep reminders of where I am going all over the place to keep me on track.  My spiritual literature is staged on my night stands, my mala is around my neck and some kirtan is on my radio.  Whatever you are doing keep your motivation close at hand ever reminding you of what you are working towards but don’t forget to enjoy the journey as well.



Peace Love Das

Meal Time

So I am away from home this week and it is coming close to time to grab something to eat.  At no time is it more present to me how much we take for granted when it comes to sharing a meal.  If we are fortunate to enough to have an abundant food source we should be counting our lucky stars already, but if on a regular basis we get to share this time with the people we love we are the luckiest people of all.  Some of the best times I have in life come during sharing a meal with friends and family.  I am lucky enough to be surrounded by great cooks as well which definatlly helps the experince.  So if your sitting down tonight with the people you love, to have a nice meal, say a little prayer of thanks and let the people around you know how much it means for you to be sitting with them.


Peace Love Das