Quotes by Peace Love Das

  • “Temporary happiness is for sale can be bought at the mall everlasting happiness is free and can be found within”
  • “With love in your heart all is possible with fear in it getting out of bed can be a war.”
  • “Everything happens for a reason just cause you don’t know the reason yet doesn’t mean there isn’t one.”
  • “Some of the darkest days are the ones that teach us to grow towards the light”
  • “If you want a helping hand when you are in a bad place reach out and offer one when you are in a good place”
  • “If your looking for the negative your going to find it.
  • “every time we complain we bring down our happiness level one notch and bring down the happiness of those around us our time would be much better spent being positive and looking for solutions instead of focusing on the problems”
  • “Forgive those that cause you the most pain cause it is a reflection of there own suffering and has less to do with you then you think”
  • “Peace is not the absence of violence but the presence of love and understanding”

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