There is much to be done in all aspects of life from the smallest detail to the greatest triumph.  We as humans are capable of so much, a few of us have been able to do awe inspiring things, in fact many of us have.  We are full of potential and can do more and more if we let go of our own limitations and break through our walls.  I have seen a great many people around me lately do some amazing things and it is inspiring.  People just like you and I using there energy to transform themselves, their families and the world around them.  Not all these things would be amazing to all but if we use our energy and get a little closer to our full potential we can make this world a little better even if by just brightening someone’s day.  Changes to have to be huge to be worth it, just full of the quality of love.  I was thought early on to take energy away from stuff that wasn’t propelling me forward in love and use that energy for the things that can, this has been a far better journey because of that but takes constant reevaluation.


What are you using your energy, your potential for right now?  Is it worth it?



Peace Love Das 


Life is unfolding exactly how it is supposed to, letting it unfold without adding anything to it or taking anything away from it is one of the hardest things to do.  Like most of the difficult things in life it is this way because it is worth it.  Even the negative things I have seen in my life have opened me up to more positivity than I could of imagined.  If I am in the proper mindset all things are perfect even when they appear far from being so with our conventional way of thinking.  Every once in a while we can witness perfection no matter what state we are in, God knocking us over the head and letting us know to pay attention to what is happening.  It could happen while looking a flowers, a beautiful woman, watching kids play, seeing snow falling for the first time in the winter season and these moments can be different for everyone.  The more we open our eyes and our hearts the more we perceive these moments and not just the ones that knock us over the head but the more subtle ones.


May you realize the perfection that is happening in your life today.


Peace Love Das


Hero -a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.  My question here is, what happened to all the heroes/heroines, when did we lose these people?  We used to have people who were worth looking up to, people who sacrificed for the greater good, who were leaders of religion, science, spiritual thought, poets, politicians and people who were just straight up noble.  We looked at up to people because the way they carried themselves and the actions they took.  Some of these people were famous some just performed incredible acts we watched their moves and their lives became an inspiration for ours bringing humanity to new heights.  What do we watch now?  Nothing good that’s what.  A lot of what we see today is fear based to drum up news ratings or just look at these famous people.  I think there is almost a worship of some of these people who are famous for what, I have no idea.  Not saying that all people on TV or in the news are bad but we could use some more positive role models for us and the generations to come.


How is your hero?


Peace Love Das     

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a point of contention for a lot of people, most say its a made up holiday, where the hell do you think the other holidays came from. I will admit that it is highly commercialized like most of our holidays and puts a lot of pressure on people if they are single or not.  To me some good can come from this holiday no matter what your feelings or relationship status is.  To me the day is a gentle reminder to show love and sometimes we all need that reminder.  I try to express love 365 days a year but it isn’t always easy and sometimes we forget.  I do feel that opening doors for a lady and saying nice things should be a part of everyday life, if your grateful for the relationship you have show it more than just one day a year.  Even if you are single this day can be used as a reminder to express love towards friends and family.  One need not be in a romantic relationship to express love to others.  I might feel this way because growing up my mother, every year like clockwork gave me and my siblings chocolate hearts and back then that’s where it was at, that’s for sure.  I was also shown early on by my mother to love myself even if nobody else did, it was a hard lesson to learn and I did not grasp it for many years but I believe that seed was planted firmly in my early years.  So even if you are all alone on Valentines Day love yourself and have a great day.


Peace Love Das


Resentment-Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.  Resentment is something I try to stay away from at all cost so when it pops up I generally put as much effort as needed to get past the situation.  I can’t see wasting time at being bitter when there is happiness to be had.  The problem is someone hurts us once and we just keep reliving and warping our view of the situation increasing our bitterness, thus effecting our lives and the actions we take.  The more we think of the situation the more energy we put into it the greater the bitterness present in our daily lives.  I used to put a lot of energy into my resentments which made me amazingly bitter but it was easy to identify because it was so glaring.  Currently I am more accepting and much more easy going so they aren’t so apparent.  Sometimes they are so subtle they slide right under the radar so the other day when I was gently guided to the awareness that I have one brewing I was a little surprised but not upset at all(which is good).  Through awareness of this resentment I was able to really look at the situation, accept what went wrong and create a plan for action in the future.  The resentment is now gone in my head, I still have action to take but now have a direction for my action in the future by taking a closer look at the situation.  Through this awareness that I was guided to I got a chance to look at where I went wrong and what me part was, we all have a part even though it doesn’t seem that way.  I am glad I got the chance to see this and move on with forgiveness in my heart.



Peace Love Das

Righteous Anger

Nothing steals happiness and peace from our lives like anger.  It being blinders to all that is good around us with such a focus on the negative that it can remove joy like nothing else.  When we are just angry after some time that energy will die off and we will have a chance to make peace with our anger or see where we were wrong in our thoughts, deeds or actions.  When our anger becomes righteous or justifiable when we absolve ourselves of any wrongdoing, this feeling can last a very long time.  We can be totally immersed in our anger knowing we are 100% right about the situation and it is no fault of our own.  We fail to see we are judging a person, place or event from a moral high ground not putting ourselves on the level as a product of the divine, same as the world around us.  People tend to love their anger when they feel it justified, I know I was one of them.  The problem is at the end of the day we are angry, while I used to find comfort in this feeling I now know its more a reflection of me then anyone else.  With mindfulness, I can most of the time see where I have gone wrong and even if I haven’t there is no need to hold on to anger.  I would rather be just plan old happy, works much better for me.  I have been told time and time again that its a normal part of life to be angry and thus unavoidable.  Well that does not work for me, murders are a normal part of life but it is not something I accept to be unavoidable.  Yes I realize 99.9% of people will never wipe out all the anger in their lives me included but isn’t it worth a shot?  What do we have to lose but anger, you can have all mine if you want cause I sure don’t want it.  I found as I got my ego under control, the amount I was angry went down a bunch, when I let people live their lives how they wanted to it went down even further and I continue to try and let anger go from my life, if not for everyone else’s sake around me then for my own.


Is anger stealing happiness from your life? What are you going to let it go?


Peace Love Das

A Wretch Like Me!

“Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound) That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see.”  The first verse of Amazing Grace and how amazing it is!!!  Wretch a miserable person : one who is profoundly unhappy or in great misfortune.  I was not what they say as saved, or rather brought into a life filled with much more happiness and the ability to help others because I am a saint.  It is just the opposite with me, it was cause I was a wretch.  I am grateful for all the pain and misfortune I have received in this lifetime up to this point(wasn’t always happy about it and I have had enough for now thank you).  The fact remains I was an extremely unhappy person and brought through some pretty tough situations by my own hand and possibly grace.  These experiences, this pain I felt, was the only motivation that would of worked to make me who I am today.  Much of what I am today is a result from what I was yesterday.  I am loving today cause I lived in a constant state of hate in the past and nobody felt more pain from it then me, I hope not anyway.  I am nonviolent today cause I lived the opposite way for many years and the only person I was fighting in the end was myself.  I sought to get away from the pain through less than spiritual means by drinking and other negative behaviors which only increased the pain.  When I was completely broken down and out of ideas I let a higher power or whatever you want to call it into my life and asked it to guide me.  My life through some work and some grace has transformed since then but it was certainly intense pain that helped to give me what it took to change my life by luck or design.  This transformation had little to do with me and so much more to do with grace and the people and growing circumstances that it put into my life. 


I know I don’t know a lot but I do try to use these experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly to try and help others, to be a part of their grace like so many people were part of mine.



Peace Love Das