Life is unfolding exactly how it is supposed to, letting it unfold without adding anything to it or taking anything away from it is one of the hardest things to do.  Like most of the difficult things in life it is this way because it is worth it.  Even the negative things I have seen in my life have opened me up to more positivity than I could of imagined.  If I am in the proper mindset all things are perfect even when they appear far from being so with our conventional way of thinking.  Every once in a while we can witness perfection no matter what state we are in, God knocking us over the head and letting us know to pay attention to what is happening.  It could happen while looking a flowers, a beautiful woman, watching kids play, seeing snow falling for the first time in the winter season and these moments can be different for everyone.  The more we open our eyes and our hearts the more we perceive these moments and not just the ones that knock us over the head but the more subtle ones.


May you realize the perfection that is happening in your life today.


Peace Love Das