Helping Others

Another Saturday comes to a close most of it was spent helping my best friend and his soon to be wife(also a good friend) move into their new house. It was good to get out and think about someone else and help them with their needs without thought of repayment. I find nothing makes the world more painful than thinking about yourself all the time and a lot of the remedy for that is to lend a helping hand no matter how small. I can’t always change the world but I can out a smile on someones face and if that’s repeated enough it might just change the world. I have a belief that if you help others God, Buddha, Lord Shiva, the all or the boggie man what ever you believe in will take care of you.

Hope the weekend finds you well with a smile on your face.

Peace Love Das

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog which will be used to say whats on my mind.  Currently its way past my bed time and I don’t know what to say.  I’ve wasted the past couple of hours doing basically nothing.  Watching TV, playing on my phone and really being lazy which is not the way I have been wanting to spend the limited free time I currently have.  I would much rather be working on spiritual matters such as reading something inspirational, meditation, contemplation and or chanting and the like but I just been having a hard time getting there lately.  This type of thing and working on my spiritual life in general was a constant for the past bunch of years in my life and I still consider it very important but I’m just spinning my wheels on other stuff lately.  Thinking of doing a prolonged fast which usually gets me going hope fully soon I have something more insightful to share and more positive vibes to give out until then be well.

peace love das