Meal Time

So I am away from home this week and it is coming close to time to grab something to eat.  At no time is it more present to me how much we take for granted when it comes to sharing a meal.  If we are fortunate to enough to have an abundant food source we should be counting our lucky stars already, but if on a regular basis we get to share this time with the people we love we are the luckiest people of all.  Some of the best times I have in life come during sharing a meal with friends and family.  I am lucky enough to be surrounded by great cooks as well which definatlly helps the experince.  So if your sitting down tonight with the people you love, to have a nice meal, say a little prayer of thanks and let the people around you know how much it means for you to be sitting with them.


Peace Love Das

Todays Version of Me

Everyday I try to be the best version of myself that I can be. I try to be kind, loving and generous. That is the goal I also try to improve myself for the benefit of others and myself. Some days I am happy with what I bring forth and some days not as much but I don’t judge myself I just have hope for the next day to do better. Some days the best version of me isn’t so great but the goal is to keep growing towards the light, to make improvements. I try to be my own measuring stick, everyone has talents and weaknesses and it’s not fair to judge our weaknesses against others strengths or others weaknesses against our strengths. We should come together with those around us to grow together.

What will you do to grow into a better  version of yourself?

Peace Love Das


We are all on a journey through life always going somewhere but it is important to look around and enjoy the journey.  Too often we focus on the end game, this point we want to be at and miss the joy of life that is happening right now.  I for one am not here to miss this beautiful ride there are things I want in life and I try to work towards them and I believe they will be good when I get there but I am already somewhere and it is time to enjoy, right now.  Many of us are to focused on when I make this much money, when I have this house, when I write this book and many other far off goals.  The truth is if we are not grateful for this moment for the things we have now we probably won’t be for long even when these goals are achieved.  Happiness is available now, there is so much life to live and we might as well enjoy it.  I started thinking about this while I was staying out way too late on a work night talking to someone very close to me. Yes I had work the next morning super early, but I  got the most out of that night was present in the moment sucking the marrow out of life.  Many amazing moments are given up by not being present in the life around us may we all move towards mindfulness and be present right now.



Peace Love Das

Love is a product of amazing versatility.

Love is a product of amazing versatility.

It will bring sunshine to a cloudy day and a warm heart during a winters chill.

If by chance it is used in sufficient quantities, love will bring happiness to any home, understanding to the misunderstood, food to tables, beauty where there was none, helping hand in hard times and peace for everyone.

Love will also bring good reputations, good jobs, good friends, happiness to children’s hearts, sanity, freedom, spouses, relationships, and a couples ability to adjust and live with each other and the world around them.