Sometimes You Fail

Sometimes you fail and guess what its not the end of the world.  If you are really streaching to grow your going to fail more often than not but even if you fail by someone elses standards dosent mean you absolutely  have to fail by your own.  Recently I epent much time studying for a certification in my job field  I was told it was a hard test and I put effort into it studdying many hours missing many bike rides, hikes, yoga sessions and time with my lady.  So when I failed by 2 questions I was instantly not happy to say the least.  I quickly thought of all the wasted time spent studdying and my ego jumped in and told me I would look dumb.  After some negativity and a much needed unhealthy food  I thought hard about it yes I was still not happy I did not pass, but I was certian I had increased my knowledge and better prepared myself for the next time I took my test which would no doubt happen soon enough.  On the hopefully long timeline that is my life this is just another little bump.  Hopefully I can continue to view these little setbacks as bumps lol.  Hope you’re having a peaceful day.

peace love das