I am God

I told you I was everywhere and you only saw me in what you like and judged the rest

I told you I was in all people but you only saw me in your family and friends and said I did not know your enemies

I told you to care for your fellow man and you pushed him down to raise yourself up

I gave you a way to find me and you declared that was the only way but I showed your brother a different way and you killed him in my name

I gave you gospel and you closed your ears to the rock n roll I gave them down the street and called me a devil

I gave you prayer and you condemned your brother’s call to prayer

I gave you all you needed I gave you a piece of my heart and your brothers hold the other peace when you come together I will be there

I gave all

I am God

I am God

I gave you the strength to walk and you ran from me

I gave you a feast when you were starving and you ate it all leaving nothing for your brother

I gave you beauty and you bulldozed it

I gave you love to give to the world and you saved it for your ego

I gave you peace and you left it for power

I gave you beauty and you left it for vanity

I gave you money and you left it for greed

I gave you a teacher and you left him because you were too smart

Now I must give you pain so you come back to me

You asked me where I am and I have never left your side

I am God

I am God

Congratulations and Best Wishes

Earlier today I got to perform a wedding ceremony for two of my best friends Ted and Valerie.  It was a short and sweet ceremony performed before family in Ted and Valerie’s new home.  Though it was my first time performing a wedding ceremony and I was a little nervous there is nothing I wouldn’t do for these two.  Smiles were all around as these two tied the knot and a good time was had by all.  Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple may your love grow more and more everyday.


Peace Love Das 


People often ask me what religion I practice. I often answer this one of two ways either none or all. People are often co fused by this. I personally see no benefit in excluding practices from any religion as long as they work for you and bring you benefit then what does it matter where they come from. Hence the “all” response, my practice is not a set of rules set by one religion come to think of it no rules come to mind. Nor is it set on one path with such a focus to say I practice that religion. My practice which is my own brand of religion for me and I do answer questions about it but don’t think anyone needs to do what I do. The best spiritual teachers I’ve come across have always taught me to look within for answers and guided me to get there. I can be found meditating like a Buddhist, praying like a Catholic, chanting like a Yogi and looking for sign in nature like a Pagan all in the spend of moments. All our religions are very similar when we take away our prejudices. Why not use what works for you? The question is not is this religion or that religion wrong the question is why can’t they all be right? What will you practice today?


Peace Love Das

Giving Thanks Year Round

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday here in the US we all come together with friends and family and hopeful are thankful for all we have, but why keep it to just one day?  To me Thanksgiving is a important reminder a beacon that should set off a light that hey look at all this love in my life.  The most important thing to me is family on this day and just about everyone the rest of the year.  The family I was born with and the other ones I choose to be part of.  With all the money and things in the world they are empty unless I have people to share it with but on the other hand I don’t need much material things if I have good relationships and loving people in my life.  To me giving thanks for the people around me is an action.  I need to treat these people with love and respect.  Show them what they mean to me and let them know.  I might even put my selfish desires to the side and sacrifice a little to give them what they need and not what I think they need.  To be thankful and live at least a small portion of everyday helping people is to truly be alive.

Peace Love Das

The Spirituality of Silliness

Number one spiritual rule you are not that important and for that matter either am I.  I know I know but I’m all I think about and yes that is the problem.  We take ourselves too seriously on a long enough time line that major problem effecting you right now, most of the time wont be a big deal in a couple of weeks.  When we are focused on ourselves everything negative seems to be pointing at us and only effecting us.  But, but what am I to do?  Enter the art of silliness, yes silliness.  But I’m too serious for that, yes and that’s the problem.  Many times just doing something silly will keep you completely in the moment.  The way kids are when they tilt their head back and spin in circles till they fall down in laughter.  But what are some examples of silliness you might ask, well I will give you a couple that will brighten everyday.  Impromptu dance parties for one, supermarkets are an especially good place to get down and shake your groove thing.  What if people laugh at me?  Well if they do your doing it right besides who can resist the fine music they play at the supermarket.  I started cutting a rug at shoprite at a young age and for many years I had no dance partner, now I have a steady one and she can bust it down with the best of them.  My best friend has also been known to break out some extremely strange walking through a restaurant another good spiritual tool especially when there are three off us in a row walking with the spirit of the 70’s.  You can take it to all kinds of levels sometimes I drive around listening to cheesy music with my windows down dancing or making funny faces at people they laugh I laugh and a good time is had by all.  Not only does this kind of behaviour work on a normal day but it can work to lift you up in the worst of times.  A couple of years ago I was in a pretty bad space and had a lot of life situations happening.  My sister came over and was going through similar life stuff so we went out to do some shopping.  While at a store I came across a kids blanket, it was a fleece blanket with a monkey hood, a tail and little monkey hands.  I had it on the whole time we were in the store and my sister purchased it for me.  It made me happy and gave a kick to those around me.  Many times in the coming months life kept happening and not in a good way for me so I would walk over to my closet and put my monkey blanket on and go look at my silly ass in the mirror, instant joy.  I couldn’t take myself seriously looking in the mirror and that was a good thing, put a smile on my face and let me know with enough work or silliness I can be happy in most situations.  Not to mention it gave birth to making faces at myself in the mirror which is another tool of the spirituality of silliness.

What do you do to break the tension in your own life?  Do you get silly from time to time?  Always looking to add to my silly hand bag.

Have a silly day may it be laughable

Peace Love Das

The word of God

I was up again well into the night thinking about god, like ya do. Anyone who knows me can tell you there are many books around my house discussing religion, spirituality and the like. There are also many books people consider scripture and divinely inspired by god (I don’t doubt it). I believe that with the ego in check anyone yes anyone can be a conduit for the divine.  I can go from reading the bible to the bagavad gita to a number of spiritual text in a short period of time. To me it doesn’t matter where these works come from if they help me in my life and speak the truth I can dig it. I do know many people who can’t and it’s not just a preference for 1 religion or another. They down right write these works off if they don’t come from their own religion or what they were raised with.  I think that sad  and not the aim of religion at all. It’s not meant to separate us on our differences but to bring us together to show is a way to live together divinely inspired.  For me these works keep me on the right track and focused on where I want to go. I sure do have my favorites and ones I recommend often but I would never put down anyone elses favorites. What about you do you look for inspiration from anywhere or do you need it from a certain source?  While we are at it what’s your favorite source?  Music? Scripture? Poems? Or do you look to your own heart for inspiration?

Peace Love Das

God bless you

God Bless You, we hear it everyday most of us probably say it once a day.  Do you mean it?  Is there thought or emotion behind it or is it just of the things we are programmed to say.  Ring the bell mouth waters type of thing.  I think God does bless us and not just you or me or the good people but all of us.  So why do we say it?  To me its a reminder that God blesses us and that we are part of God and have the ability to spread this Love this God if you will to others, but I think you got to mean it have some energy behind it.  There are many things I try to really relate to the spiritual many mundane things to ring the bell, sound the gong in my brain, that hey pay attention life is pretty cool if you look around.  I really do think this God bless you business has lost its flair and really can be used as a spiritual tool but that’s just me.



Peace Love Das

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”, I hear this line quoted a lot also misquoted a lot and usually as a battle cry and I think completely missing the point of it.  I admit it when I was younger and much less spiritual I felt the same way about it I think a lot of people do.  That if God is on our side, and I’m not saying a specific God though this is from the bible, then none of the people who are against us have a chance.  Luckily I got past that stage in my life and that way of thinking.  I know think the whole point of the quote is that nobody is against us.  If God is in fact for us I would tend to think that we are for God as well or rather we have him/her/it in our hearts.  If that is the case then I think we would tend to realize that all things are God as well as all people.  If I truly have God in my heart I have no enemies but brothers and sisters, disagreements yes misunderstandings, you bet but these people are not my enemies but a reflection of God.  Plus I really don’t think God is against anyone, I believe and prefect divine love and enough to go around.  I don’t think God hates anyone if he/she/it did what kind of God would that be?


What do you think? Am I completely of my rocker on this one?


Peace Love Das