The word of God

I was up again well into the night thinking about god, like ya do. Anyone who knows me can tell you there are many books around my house discussing religion, spirituality and the like. There are also many books people consider scripture and divinely inspired by god (I don’t doubt it). I believe that with the ego in check anyone yes anyone can be a conduit for the divine.  I can go from reading the bible to the bagavad gita to a number of spiritual text in a short period of time. To me it doesn’t matter where these works come from if they help me in my life and speak the truth I can dig it. I do know many people who can’t and it’s not just a preference for 1 religion or another. They down right write these works off if they don’t come from their own religion or what they were raised with.  I think that sad  and not the aim of religion at all. It’s not meant to separate us on our differences but to bring us together to show is a way to live together divinely inspired.  For me these works keep me on the right track and focused on where I want to go. I sure do have my favorites and ones I recommend often but I would never put down anyone elses favorites. What about you do you look for inspiration from anywhere or do you need it from a certain source?  While we are at it what’s your favorite source?  Music? Scripture? Poems? Or do you look to your own heart for inspiration?

Peace Love Das

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