God bless you

God Bless You, we hear it everyday most of us probably say it once a day.  Do you mean it?  Is there thought or emotion behind it or is it just of the things we are programmed to say.  Ring the bell mouth waters type of thing.  I think God does bless us and not just you or me or the good people but all of us.  So why do we say it?  To me its a reminder that God blesses us and that we are part of God and have the ability to spread this Love this God if you will to others, but I think you got to mean it have some energy behind it.  There are many things I try to really relate to the spiritual many mundane things to ring the bell, sound the gong in my brain, that hey pay attention life is pretty cool if you look around.  I really do think this God bless you business has lost its flair and really can be used as a spiritual tool but that’s just me.



Peace Love Das

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