Get Her Ice Water

“Get Her Ice Water”, which was the advice I got from one of the finest dad’s I know. We were visiting our friends in Vermont shortly before we had our son who is now 11 months old and when I asked for advice from my friend with two boys that’s what he told me. He said it’s gonna come to a point where all you can do is support the mother they can do things you just cant, I was shocked as this was one of the best dad’s I knew. He said some nights all he could do was get his wife ice water and support what she was doing, apparently she needed ice water during breast feeding. He went on to tell me it’s not an ego thing it’s just the way it is and will be. I’m not sure I believed him then as I was set on being an active dad well, I am an active dad, but let’s get real I just don’t have mom powers. When I am going to get water for the mother of my child in the middle of the night which is the least I can do because she is on sleepless day # who knows, I often think of this advice from a fellow dad who knows the real deal. I thank him for the advice but most of all I thank my partner, friend and mother or my child who does so much for me and my son in a regular basis but especially when everyone is sick.

Long Ass Day

Today was a long ass day started bright and early before the sun came up, made my way into work and dealt with all the joy a Monday can offer.  Left work 11 hours later to work on a house I recently purchased, painted until my hand stopped working which is something thats been happening due to all the house work.  Made a 10 o’clock trip to shope rite for kitty litter and coffee.  Made it home in time to do dishes and change the litter in a particularly grumpy mood.  Beat down all to hell I went into my bedroom to see my adorable son snuggled up sleeping with my beautiful girlfriend, day didnt seem so lang after that.  Good night my friends hope you are having a good day even if its a long ass one.

Peace Love Das


Everything takes up energy all the task from the good to the bad to the ugly.  I am certain there is enough energy to get everything done but you might not always have it at the moment  you need it.  Sometimes it takes a friend, a family member or even a complete stranger to fill the energy need.  That’s when we ask for help or are beaten up enough to accept it.  This transfer of energy between us helps to keep us as social creatures and build relationships.  I do think the more energy you use for good, to help others and what not the more it becomes available to you, if you do enough good the energy will eventually come from the source of all energy.  I try to remember to put my energy into good positive things and never use it to add to the negative.  Just thinking out loud tonight.  What will you use your energy for today?

Peace Love Das

Back To The Grind

So it’s been a full two weeks since I have gone to work by far the longest I have ever taken away from work.  It’s normally a big deal for me to take one day.  In the past two weeks my life has changed so much, the little man who lived in my girlfriend’s belly has come out and I love him even more now.  Our little family is learning and growing together everyday.  My heart has grown so much with our new addition, even during the trying times when I’m getting peed and pooped on or feeling completely helpless when I can’t stop the crying of my little man, I am still full of love even if the look on my face doesn’t say so.  It’s definitely a growing and learning experience that I am happy to go through especially with such and wonderful partner and mother to my son, I am in awe of the power and patience of this new mom.  Needless to say I am not looking forward to leaving the house in the morning but it is something I must do and I am grateful for the job I have.  Definitely a new reason to come home at the end of the day, not that I needed another.  It’s amazing the way life changes over very short periods of time hope all is well with you and your family.

Peace Love Das