Get Her Ice Water

“Get Her Ice Water”, which was the advice I got from one of the finest dad’s I know. We were visiting our friends in Vermont shortly before we had our son who is now 11 months old and when I asked for advice from my friend with two boys that’s what he told me. He said it’s gonna come to a point where all you can do is support the mother they can do things you just cant, I was shocked as this was one of the best dad’s I knew. He said some nights all he could do was get his wife ice water and support what she was doing, apparently she needed ice water during breast feeding. He went on to tell me it’s not an ego thing it’s just the way it is and will be. I’m not sure I believed him then as I was set on being an active dad well, I am an active dad, but let’s get real I just don’t have mom powers. When I am going to get water for the mother of my child in the middle of the night which is the least I can do because she is on sleepless day # who knows, I often think of this advice from a fellow dad who knows the real deal. I thank him for the advice but most of all I thank my partner, friend and mother or my child who does so much for me and my son in a regular basis but especially when everyone is sick.

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