Endless Needs

Many of us confuse our needs and wants and through our brainwashing and constant hypnosis through outside sources we think we need so much to be happy. We think that when we receive our latest desire that we experience happiness and that level of happiness is there but not for the reasons we think. I believe we return to our natural state of happiness when that need/want is filled the trick is if we never had the want we might of stayed in our natural state of happiness the whole time. Many a time I have been perfectly happy but see something I want and that want turns quickly in my head into a need (something I try to stay away from). Once I make up my mind that I want that thing it ruins my peace and takes over my thinking many times this thing is something I have lived without my whole life but now it is super important. Once I get this thing then its importance dies. The happiest I have ever been was never because of things but cause of my relationship to others and God centeredness. With the current state of the media putting celebrities at god like status many people believe we need that type of money so we can buy anything we want to be happy and its just not the case the problem is we get away from our peace and happiness in our struggle for the new shinny thing. You can’t fill a god sized whole with cars, money or anything else sure they are nice to have but they lose there shine quick. Look at how many celebrities and people of seemingly endless means who have everything money could buy are miserable. In such a state of suffering that they turn to drugs and many destructive behaviors to change the way they feel. We watch them on the news and think they are just crazy I don’t believe that to be the case they are just suffering like many of us do and they thought they would be happy when they got everything they wanted. We as people of lesser means tend to think of our suffering as lack of this or that and when we see people with the things we want and they are not happy we can only come up with “they are crazy”. That’s why so many of these people turn to spirituality to be happy and after that we say they have gone even further off the deep end, when I see it I think thank God they are on the right path now.

Yes basic needs are important and a level of comfort is great but once that it satisfied it up to us to get back to happiness, forget all the negative we have learned and find peace.

What do you think? I would love to know your views.

Peace Love Das

Preach often when necessary use words

This quote or versions of it are commonly the attributed to Saint Francis many believe it to be a misquote. Regardless of who said it I believe it holds much spiritual knowledge.  Many people and spiritual teachers talk all day long but none of that talk translate to their daily life and that’s a shame.  To me the greatest spiritual teachers lead by example. They don’t tell people the their way is the way but a way.   They live the path they choose through experience and many of them never speak about it.  Their way is shown through their actions. Spirituality should never be hey do as I say but more a do as I live or better yet this is how I live you can see how it works for me if you want more info I can try to explain it.

So by your actions what do you preach on a daily basis?  Is it something that would benefit the world?  Do you receive benifits from it?  Would you teach it to your kids, your family?

Peace Love Das

I gave you the strength to walk and you ran from me

I gave you a feast when you were starving and you ate it all leaving nothing for your brother

I gave you beauty and you bulldozed it

I gave you love to give to the world and you saved it for your ego

I gave you peace and you left it for power

I gave you beauty and you left it for vanity

I gave you money and you left it for greed

I gave you a teacher and you left him because you were too smart

Now I must give you pain so you come back to me

You asked me where I am and I have never left your side

I am God

I am God

God bless you

God Bless You, we hear it everyday most of us probably say it once a day.  Do you mean it?  Is there thought or emotion behind it or is it just of the things we are programmed to say.  Ring the bell mouth waters type of thing.  I think God does bless us and not just you or me or the good people but all of us.  So why do we say it?  To me its a reminder that God blesses us and that we are part of God and have the ability to spread this Love this God if you will to others, but I think you got to mean it have some energy behind it.  There are many things I try to really relate to the spiritual many mundane things to ring the bell, sound the gong in my brain, that hey pay attention life is pretty cool if you look around.  I really do think this God bless you business has lost its flair and really can be used as a spiritual tool but that’s just me.



Peace Love Das