I gave you the strength to walk and you ran from me

I gave you a feast when you were starving and you ate it all leaving nothing for your brother

I gave you beauty and you bulldozed it

I gave you love to give to the world and you saved it for your ego

I gave you peace and you left it for power

I gave you beauty and you left it for vanity

I gave you money and you left it for greed

I gave you a teacher and you left him because you were too smart

Now I must give you pain so you come back to me

You asked me where I am and I have never left your side

I am God

I am God

Congratulations and Best Wishes

Earlier today I got to perform a wedding ceremony for two of my best friends Ted and Valerie.  It was a short and sweet ceremony performed before family in Ted and Valerie’s new home.  Though it was my first time performing a wedding ceremony and I was a little nervous there is nothing I wouldn’t do for these two.  Smiles were all around as these two tied the knot and a good time was had by all.  Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple may your love grow more and more everyday.


Peace Love Das