Endless Needs

Many of us confuse our needs and wants and through our brainwashing and constant hypnosis through outside sources we think we need so much to be happy. We think that when we receive our latest desire that we experience happiness and that level of happiness is there but not for the reasons we think. I believe we return to our natural state of happiness when that need/want is filled the trick is if we never had the want we might of stayed in our natural state of happiness the whole time. Many a time I have been perfectly happy but see something I want and that want turns quickly in my head into a need (something I try to stay away from). Once I make up my mind that I want that thing it ruins my peace and takes over my thinking many times this thing is something I have lived without my whole life but now it is super important. Once I get this thing then its importance dies. The happiest I have ever been was never because of things but cause of my relationship to others and God centeredness. With the current state of the media putting celebrities at god like status many people believe we need that type of money so we can buy anything we want to be happy and its just not the case the problem is we get away from our peace and happiness in our struggle for the new shinny thing. You can’t fill a god sized whole with cars, money or anything else sure they are nice to have but they lose there shine quick. Look at how many celebrities and people of seemingly endless means who have everything money could buy are miserable. In such a state of suffering that they turn to drugs and many destructive behaviors to change the way they feel. We watch them on the news and think they are just crazy I don’t believe that to be the case they are just suffering like many of us do and they thought they would be happy when they got everything they wanted. We as people of lesser means tend to think of our suffering as lack of this or that and when we see people with the things we want and they are not happy we can only come up with “they are crazy”. That’s why so many of these people turn to spirituality to be happy and after that we say they have gone even further off the deep end, when I see it I think thank God they are on the right path now.

Yes basic needs are important and a level of comfort is great but once that it satisfied it up to us to get back to happiness, forget all the negative we have learned and find peace.

What do you think? I would love to know your views.

Peace Love Das

Friendship….and what makes a true friend.

Another good suggested topic by one of my fine readers. To me friend is a title and with all titles it loosely dictates behavior.  There are all different kinds of friends from someone who is a bit more of an acquaintance to someone who is a best friend.  To me a best friend is family without the blood relation.  My best friend is just about a brother to me but so much more as we choose to be best friends we are not bound to each other  by any other thing but friendship.  That relationship is the one of the purest form of friendship I have experienced so I will talk about that here.  I met my best friend by chance and we started hanging out out of mutual interest and boredom.  Our friendship is based on a large level of respect we don’t pressure each other into anything and we support each other in whatever we do.  We click and we never force views on one another, in actuality when we first started hanging out it kind of confused me, we could not be more different in some aspects but our friendship works I really don’t think we have ever fought about anything.  I think the key to this relationship as well as most friendships for that matter is respect, loving someone as they are, having understanding, showing support and loyalty.  I have been there for my best friend to the best of my ability on any given day and trust me some days that ability sucked but a level of forgiveness was given to me that I am forever grateful for and hope to return some day.  We do understand that we both have separate lives and they may get in the way of hanging out and goofing off sometimes but the key is we understand that and when we do come together we make the most of that time.


Maybe he will drop a comment and give his side or you can stop by his blog http://www.quixoticjedi.com/ and ask him.


Reader who suggested the topic I hope this helps and what you were looking for if you want more on a specific situation that has caused friendship to come into question let me know.



Peace Love Das