Preach often when necessary use words

This quote or versions of it are commonly the attributed to Saint Francis many believe it to be a misquote. Regardless of who said it I believe it holds much spiritual knowledge.  Many people and spiritual teachers talk all day long but none of that talk translate to their daily life and that’s a shame.  To me the greatest spiritual teachers lead by example. They don’t tell people the their way is the way but a way.   They live the path they choose through experience and many of them never speak about it.  Their way is shown through their actions. Spirituality should never be hey do as I say but more a do as I live or better yet this is how I live you can see how it works for me if you want more info I can try to explain it.

So by your actions what do you preach on a daily basis?  Is it something that would benefit the world?  Do you receive benifits from it?  Would you teach it to your kids, your family?

Peace Love Das

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