Keeping A Spiritual Mindset

So I’m sitting hear looking at the altar that stands tall in my bedroom the smell of some incense burning and flames from candles flickering back and forth.  It’s very easy for me to be in a spiritual mindset in my apartment no matter where I am which is all well and good but it dosen’t mean a thing unless I bring that peace, tranquility and love out into the world.  I often think about this, it’s very easy to forget your lofty goals when you jump behind the wheel of your car and somebody cuts you off.  A lot harder to keep your ego incheck when it is in fact being checked by outside circumstances and people.  It’s easy to be a good christian at church, a good hindu at temple, a good wiccan at ritual a good well you get the point and the point is the goal of religions, well one of the goals is to better its members.  I think just about everyone has that potential but you and I are missing the boat if we don’t take it with us.


There are many things I do to help especially when I first started trying to keep my cool in all situations, not just for everyone else but for myself too.  Most days before I leave the house I do some repeat some mantras which helps cause if you keep this practice going when your out and about it repeats in the background of your mind.  Hard to complete the act of flipping off the guy who cut you off when the mantra chimes back in.  I also try to wear some type of religious medallion around my neck.  Not a big one that stands out or anything usually worn under my shirt because hey its for me.  When my days get off to a bad start I wear a full 108 bead mala(prayer beads).  The mala is hard to forget your wearing it cause you can feel it most of the time and that’s a good reminder.  On those extra bad days, hey I don’t have them often but they do come up, I wear a rosewood mala which is a constant reminder cause im allergic to them but hey keeps my mind focused on the thought just cause I feel like I’m going to hell does not mean I got to take everybody with me.


So these are just some of the things I do to bridge the gap and make an easier transition of bringing my spirituality out from wear it lives to where everyone else lives.  Which I hope helps everyone including me.  So what do you do to keep yourself spiritually focused?


Peace Love Das

Sacred Space

Another day is in the books spent most of the day cleaning and organizing my apartment. I feel much better when its clean and put away. Much of my place is filled with religious/spiritual stuff a reminder of the goals I’m trying to reach and the way I want to live my life. I like my place to have the vibrational energy of a nice church. I haven’t had a place that has felt like that in some time but I’m moving in the right direction. The one place I had that really hummed was a small studio I moved into at a very low point in my life. I was there with no furniture sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag and spent a lot of time in deep meditation and reading scriptures from various religions. While the place got some furniture eventually, my best friend had to sit me down and tell me I needed a bed, the place really felt like home cuase it was used frequently for spiritual things. People would come in to hang out and the talks went to a spiritual place most times. I will get my current living arrangement to feel like that just takes some time.

What makes your home feel like home?  I would like to know how you bring the things that are important to you out in your living space.

Peace Love Das

Getting back in the swing of things

Its Friday night and I’m at the keyboard clicking away and taking care of some stuff after a long couple weeks.  Been feeling a little off lately as I used to help a couple of people and them seem to have moved on from my life.  I really believe all the spirituality and the meditation and reading is for shit if I’m not helping others.  Lets face it if I’m being honest with myself there is no shortage of people to help whether it be in my family, my community or across the world.  Just got to take the time to do it and I find it’s always worth the time.

This page fell into my lap tonight and if you are in the same spot looking for a place to start helping people after some time off it is a good place to start.

May Love Guide Your Actions