Hello world!

Welcome to my blog which will be used to say whats on my mind.  Currently its way past my bed time and I don’t know what to say.  I’ve wasted the past couple of hours doing basically nothing.  Watching TV, playing on my phone and really being lazy which is not the way I have been wanting to spend the limited free time I currently have.  I would much rather be working on spiritual matters such as reading something inspirational, meditation, contemplation and or chanting and the like but I just been having a hard time getting there lately.  This type of thing and working on my spiritual life in general was a constant for the past bunch of years in my life and I still consider it very important but I’m just spinning my wheels on other stuff lately.  Thinking of doing a prolonged fast which usually gets me going hope fully soon I have something more insightful to share and more positive vibes to give out until then be well.

peace love das

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