Resentment-Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.  Resentment is something I try to stay away from at all cost so when it pops up I generally put as much effort as needed to get past the situation.  I can’t see wasting time at being bitter when there is happiness to be had.  The problem is someone hurts us once and we just keep reliving and warping our view of the situation increasing our bitterness, thus effecting our lives and the actions we take.  The more we think of the situation the more energy we put into it the greater the bitterness present in our daily lives.  I used to put a lot of energy into my resentments which made me amazingly bitter but it was easy to identify because it was so glaring.  Currently I am more accepting and much more easy going so they aren’t so apparent.  Sometimes they are so subtle they slide right under the radar so the other day when I was gently guided to the awareness that I have one brewing I was a little surprised but not upset at all(which is good).  Through awareness of this resentment I was able to really look at the situation, accept what went wrong and create a plan for action in the future.  The resentment is now gone in my head, I still have action to take but now have a direction for my action in the future by taking a closer look at the situation.  Through this awareness that I was guided to I got a chance to look at where I went wrong and what me part was, we all have a part even though it doesn’t seem that way.  I am glad I got the chance to see this and move on with forgiveness in my heart.



Peace Love Das

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