Shine A Light To Destroy The Shadows

One of my favorite readers asked me this question lately “How do you push bad thoughts out of your head so you don’t become a prisoner of them, especially at night when you are trying to sleep?”  That is a tough question but here goes, first off be careful of what you consume throughout the day.  In Buddhism this is called mindful consumption and not only does it include what we eat but also what we listen to, watch on tv and even what we think.  I used to perform hypnosis for therapeutic reason and while going through school to be able to do so I realized something very important we are being hypnotized every second of every day and a lot of what we are taking in is bad.  We hear all this negative stuff and it becomes a program, when your brain has nothing else to do it keeps running this program.  When I started to change my life for the positive simple things had a large impact especially the type of music I was listening to.  Listening to some uplifting music on my way to work in the morning helped me through the entire day.  So being aware of what I consume today is very important no matter where it is coming from.  I have to stalk how I am feeling and what is causing those feelings without judgment of myself or the situation then I can work to change what caused them.

I also had to start living right make sure I was doing good and not causing other people harm, make sure I was trying on a regular basis to improve the way I treated myself and others.  I had to look at the negative stuff I did and make it right.  As negative situations came up in my life I had to take what action I could for that day and put it to rest, once all you can do is done its done.  I had to stop living in fear of stuff some stuff that was never going to happen and I was living through it anyway in my mind.

The thing that helped most with all this was prayer and meditation.  Prayer for me is talking to a higher power and meditation is listening to that same power or at least being in its presence.  As these two practices helped to ground me and allowed me the singleness of mind to see things how the were in reality not what I was doing to distorted them the action I was taking in life had better results or at least I didn’t care or was attached to them.  I could make better decisions and act in life not just react from my ego.  As I came more established in this way of life I found something magical had happened when my head hit the pillow at the end of the day I was at peace and went right to sleep.  As I shined the light of mindfulness through prayer, meditation and right living the shadows that were keeping me up were instantly destroyed.

I hope I answered the original question or at least that was what you needed to hear.


Peace Love Das



There is much to be done in all aspects of life from the smallest detail to the greatest triumph.  We as humans are capable of so much, a few of us have been able to do awe inspiring things, in fact many of us have.  We are full of potential and can do more and more if we let go of our own limitations and break through our walls.  I have seen a great many people around me lately do some amazing things and it is inspiring.  People just like you and I using there energy to transform themselves, their families and the world around them.  Not all these things would be amazing to all but if we use our energy and get a little closer to our full potential we can make this world a little better even if by just brightening someone’s day.  Changes to have to be huge to be worth it, just full of the quality of love.  I was thought early on to take energy away from stuff that wasn’t propelling me forward in love and use that energy for the things that can, this has been a far better journey because of that but takes constant reevaluation.


What are you using your energy, your potential for right now?  Is it worth it?



Peace Love Das 


Resentment-Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.  Resentment is something I try to stay away from at all cost so when it pops up I generally put as much effort as needed to get past the situation.  I can’t see wasting time at being bitter when there is happiness to be had.  The problem is someone hurts us once and we just keep reliving and warping our view of the situation increasing our bitterness, thus effecting our lives and the actions we take.  The more we think of the situation the more energy we put into it the greater the bitterness present in our daily lives.  I used to put a lot of energy into my resentments which made me amazingly bitter but it was easy to identify because it was so glaring.  Currently I am more accepting and much more easy going so they aren’t so apparent.  Sometimes they are so subtle they slide right under the radar so the other day when I was gently guided to the awareness that I have one brewing I was a little surprised but not upset at all(which is good).  Through awareness of this resentment I was able to really look at the situation, accept what went wrong and create a plan for action in the future.  The resentment is now gone in my head, I still have action to take but now have a direction for my action in the future by taking a closer look at the situation.  Through this awareness that I was guided to I got a chance to look at where I went wrong and what me part was, we all have a part even though it doesn’t seem that way.  I am glad I got the chance to see this and move on with forgiveness in my heart.



Peace Love Das