Long Ass Day

Today was a long ass day started bright and early before the sun came up, made my way into work and dealt with all the joy a Monday can offer.  Left work 11 hours later to work on a house I recently purchased, painted until my hand stopped working which is something thats been happening due to all the house work.  Made a 10 o’clock trip to shope rite for kitty litter and coffee.  Made it home in time to do dishes and change the litter in a particularly grumpy mood.  Beat down all to hell I went into my bedroom to see my adorable son snuggled up sleeping with my beautiful girlfriend, day didnt seem so lang after that.  Good night my friends hope you are having a good day even if its a long ass one.

Peace Love Das

They Call Me Dad

So I have been a father officially for about 38 hours so I am exhausted, tired and probably smell a bit but other than that I am just full of love for my girlfriend  who is a champ and my baby boy who is oh so precious.  I don’t know if I ever pictured myself in this position but there is no place I’d rather be than bouncing my son up and down.   I have cried a million tears of joy since yesterday.  38 hours in is a fraction of a step on this long journey buy I am very happy to have started.

Peace Love Das



In the next few short days I will hold the greatest amount of potential I have ever in the form of my first born son.  Its crazy I already have so much love in my heart for him and he is still an inside baby at this point.  I have been thinking a lot about the potential and hope that a new born life holds, these little beings hold all the hope for the future.  I think its more about what we dont teach our young then what we do, think if every parent stopped teaching hate or racism not only with there words, but more importantly, with there actions. What if we were to show these little beings to help eachother more and to come together in community.  There really is endless potential with our youth, really with all of us, but to be able to adjust sails earlier in life can change the outcome immensely.  Hope im up to the task, we shall see.

peace love das

Bikes for Peace

Today I went for a bike ride as I often do as of late.  There is something truly peaceful about zipping around on a bike it’s always a spiritual experience for me.  When I’m rolling along on my hybrid bike my mind begins to wander and think of everyone living and working together and where I fit in the puzzle or if any of us fit at all.  Today I was riding my mountain bike(I’m bike rich due to the generosity of my brother) and it’s a completely different experience for me.  When I’m flying through the woods my mind does not have time to wonder I’m focusing on not crashing lol.  It keeps me focused like meditation does and everything falls away.  They both bring a sense of peace just in different ways.  I was glad I had that sense of peace when my bike went flying off a 6 food drop today and luckily I flipped off missing the drop.  It was a nice little roll  and I didn’t get hurt which is nice for me.  Today was a beautiful day all and all got to ride a bike, feed some ducks, say my prayers next to a river, do some studying and get some other stuff done.  Hope your day went well.

Peace Love Das


I am beat, it was a long hard day.  I was running from the time I got up at 0500 to right now at 2200.  Challenges came at me from every angle and while I was pissed at times I realized it was just a time in the day.  So at 1820 when my little lady got home from work we jumped at the chance to go for a quick bike ride, when we got back we goofed off a little with smiles and laughter.  Sure the second we got back in the house we were both back in work mode but the short break definitely reminded me why I keep going.  So when you’re beat and on your last starw remember to take a break and fight back with a laugh or a smile.

Peace Love Das

Geese Master

While hiking yesterday I got to witness this lovely man who walked at least 3 miles to feed these geese. I know not everyone loves geese but I think the are pretty cool animals. Anyway caught this guy feeding them along the banks of the river and thought it was pretty sweet.  Sorry to the Geese Master if he didn’t want me to post this.

Peace Love Das

Different Vehicles Same Destination

We are all going to the same place, all trying to get to the ultimate happiness and this life or the afterlife. So why do we judge so harshly the way others are trying to get there?  We or at least I don’t know whats the best way for someone to get where they are trying to go I am just happy they are on the journey.  There are paths I have been down in my life that wouldn’t work on my journey right now but they did at the time. There are some paths that others are using that I once used or will one day use so why should I judge their vehicle or where they are on their journey.  On my best days I just try to move along on mine and when I see someone with a flat tire I try to help them change it but ifvthey don’t want my help I just keep trucking. I know there will be seemingly wrong turns on my journey but as long as I am moving foward I know even the wrong turns are part of the journey.

Peace Love Das


Keep peace at all cost, nothing is worth disturbing your peace.  If we practice a spritual way of life peace will flow through us.  Without peace we can not be of maximum benifit to anyone especially our selves.  The spiritual life is great to talk about and investigative but it is infinitely better when we are practicing what we are reading about. I spent many years just reading without much practicing and could talk a good game but it didn’tnhelp me or anyone else.  Once I started to practice and understand people and life I didn’t really need the big talk anymore.  One of my favorite mantras is peace, understanding, love and compassion.  This mantra transformed my way of thinking it allowed me to remember peace was my true nature and when I had a proper understanding of anything people included I could handle them with love and compassion.  When I truly understand people and situations judgement slips away and I have peace.  Life for me is about serving others while having peace and love in my heart its not always easy and I don’t always succeed but its always worth it when I do.  This doesn’t always come natural to me so I have reminders all over and I try.  I also always try to remember when I am faiking I am still learning and being guided by grace. Doing the dishes was always something I hated then when reading some Thich Nhat Hanh he spoke about doing dishes as a meditation and I tried this practice.  Doing dishes is now something that is part of my practice and keeps me in the moment.  I have used this technique for a bunch of things I never liked and it now helps me maintain my peace.  What do you do that brings you back to your antural state of peace?

Peace Love Das