Different Vehicles Same Destination

We are all going to the same place, all trying to get to the ultimate happiness and this life or the afterlife. So why do we judge so harshly the way others are trying to get there?  We or at least I don’t know whats the best way for someone to get where they are trying to go I am just happy they are on the journey.  There are paths I have been down in my life that wouldn’t work on my journey right now but they did at the time. There are some paths that others are using that I once used or will one day use so why should I judge their vehicle or where they are on their journey.  On my best days I just try to move along on mine and when I see someone with a flat tire I try to help them change it but ifvthey don’t want my help I just keep trucking. I know there will be seemingly wrong turns on my journey but as long as I am moving foward I know even the wrong turns are part of the journey.

Peace Love Das