Keep peace at all cost, nothing is worth disturbing your peace.  If we practice a spritual way of life peace will flow through us.  Without peace we can not be of maximum benifit to anyone especially our selves.  The spiritual life is great to talk about and investigative but it is infinitely better when we are practicing what we are reading about. I spent many years just reading without much practicing and could talk a good game but it didn’tnhelp me or anyone else.  Once I started to practice and understand people and life I didn’t really need the big talk anymore.  One of my favorite mantras is peace, understanding, love and compassion.  This mantra transformed my way of thinking it allowed me to remember peace was my true nature and when I had a proper understanding of anything people included I could handle them with love and compassion.  When I truly understand people and situations judgement slips away and I have peace.  Life for me is about serving others while having peace and love in my heart its not always easy and I don’t always succeed but its always worth it when I do.  This doesn’t always come natural to me so I have reminders all over and I try.  I also always try to remember when I am faiking I am still learning and being guided by grace. Doing the dishes was always something I hated then when reading some Thich Nhat Hanh he spoke about doing dishes as a meditation and I tried this practice.  Doing dishes is now something that is part of my practice and keeps me in the moment.  I have used this technique for a bunch of things I never liked and it now helps me maintain my peace.  What do you do that brings you back to your antural state of peace?

Peace Love Das

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