Sharing Life

Well I am away for work again which is a necessary part of my job that I am grateful to have. However it gets me thinking as it normally does that life is so much better wheb it is shared sure we share a lot of negatives with each other but do we also share the joys. Sure a problem shared is a problem halfed but I have also found that a joy shared is a joy multiplied. Do you share your triumphs, your success, your passion and the gems in life that you have found?  I know when I am hiking solo and find a beautiful place I can’t wait to share it and drag my girlfriend out to experience it. To be a true family blood or otger I beilive you have to share life not just a roof.  I see it in the relationship my Aunt Paddy has with her children they share a lot together and it is obvious by the joy I see one thier faces when they get together. I can hear it now “but I have nobody to share with” I have felt that way myself in the past.  Try first by sharing a smile with somone walking by, share kife with a coworker, share your home with a pet (rescues please) just share life and if you do it enough trust me you will have peple to share it with.

What joy will you share today?

Peace Love Das

3 thoughts on “Sharing Life

  1. I agree with this and am happy to have my family and friends to share joy with. I am also thrilled that you have found the perfect match for you in Katie. Love you so much.

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