The Only Political Post I Plan On Writing

This is the only political post I ever plan on writing, not that I don’t think it matters, I do, but for the most part it just separates people. The people united can move mountains but it takes all of us. We can stand here and bitch about our differences all we want but it will do us nothing but tear us apart.  We can talk about this party and that party and who is doing the greater good.  It doesn’t really make a difference the party who wins will use their power to make themselves rich and seperate from those they are supposed to be serving unless we change overall.  The leaders of the past are few and far between no one is sacrificing for their fellow man. If we are going to see real change we need to work together and change the way we think.  There is enough for everyones needs but will never be enough for everyones greed. What if we changed the thinking that got us into this mess in the first place instead of using the same mindset that created the problems. What if we helped each other more and worried about ourselves less. What if we made sure everyone was provided for instead of waiting for them to be in a horrible enough life situation that they have to rob people so we can then bitch about gun control. What if we went after the root causes instead of the symptoms?  My solution is always spiritual and I believe the spiritual evolution of our kind can solve most of these problems.  As we see a bigger gap between the people who have their greeds meet and the ones not having their needs meet I will assure you crime will go up happiness levels will plummet and we will keep wondering when its gonna change.

Peace Love Das

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