They Call Me Dad

So I have been a father officially for about 38 hours so I am exhausted, tired and probably smell a bit but other than that I am just full of love for my girlfriend  who is a champ and my baby boy who is oh so precious.  I don’t know if I ever pictured myself in this position but there is no place I’d rather be than bouncing my son up and down.   I have cried a million tears of joy since yesterday.  38 hours in is a fraction of a step on this long journey buy I am very happy to have started.

Peace Love Das


One thought on “They Call Me Dad

  1. Scott…You have embarked on a journey that will lead you down every emotional path imaginal….try to maintain the middle ground…think before you act..or speak….it will be difficult at times…try to remember how it was for you…. to grow…to become a man…and your son will be better for it…You will make mistakes…we all do…it’s inevitable…it’s part of being a Dad…Peace and Happiness to You and Katie….

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