They Call Me Dad

So I have been a father officially for about 38 hours so I am exhausted, tired and probably smell a bit but other than that I am just full of love for my girlfriend  who is a champ and my baby boy who is oh so precious.  I don’t know if I ever pictured myself in this position but there is no place I’d rather be than bouncing my son up and down.   I have cried a million tears of joy since yesterday.  38 hours in is a fraction of a step on this long journey buy I am very happy to have started.

Peace Love Das


Baby On The Way

So in a few short weeks I will become a father, yes that’s right a small bundle of joy will be brought into this world in mid February.  Needless to say I am super excited, I have never had so much love for someone I have never meet before my heart grows everyday for the little guy and my girlfriend  who has been a real trooper through the whole pregnancy.  I’m sure it’s going to be a little crazy but I’m not too bad with kids and the little lady is pretty amazing at it. I will look to keep working on my sprituality which I am sure is going to be a challenge with a new baby and time constraints but I also have been amazed by children many times and how much they can teach us especially before they pick up too much stuff from us. We’ll I am sure we will talk along the way on this long journey hope all is well with all of you.

Peace Love Das