Bikes for Peace

Today I went for a bike ride as I often do as of late.  There is something truly peaceful about zipping around on a bike it’s always a spiritual experience for me.  When I’m rolling along on my hybrid bike my mind begins to wander and think of everyone living and working together and where I fit in the puzzle or if any of us fit at all.  Today I was riding my mountain bike(I’m bike rich due to the generosity of my brother) and it’s a completely different experience for me.  When I’m flying through the woods my mind does not have time to wonder I’m focusing on not crashing lol.  It keeps me focused like meditation does and everything falls away.  They both bring a sense of peace just in different ways.  I was glad I had that sense of peace when my bike went flying off a 6 food drop today and luckily I flipped off missing the drop.  It was a nice little roll  and I didn’t get hurt which is nice for me.  Today was a beautiful day all and all got to ride a bike, feed some ducks, say my prayers next to a river, do some studying and get some other stuff done.  Hope your day went well.

Peace Love Das

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