I’m an Asshole

So these days I have noticed something, I am an asshole, maybe not outwardly yet but it’s brewing and will come up if I don’t smother it with loving kindness for myself and those around me.  I sure hope it has not effected those around me too bad and that I have caught it before it does so.  This spiritual thing many of us do is not a one time deal, it’s an ongoing practice like mindfulness meditation. You take your time and you progress and you get better but when you loose your focus you have to return to it time and time again.  The dangerous part is not that I can see this asshole way of action and behavior rearing it’s ugly head, that’s a good thing, the worry is and always will be what if I get to a point where I don’t see it and I am taking stuff out on those around me.  That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of thoughts and actions to prevent suffering.  So it’s another round of meditation for me before bed, maybe some chanting and I will definitely break open my copy of Creating True Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh which I strongly recommend.  Hope you are all doing well on your journey tonight and practicing loving kindness towards all.

Peace Love Das

Bikes for Peace

Today I went for a bike ride as I often do as of late.  There is something truly peaceful about zipping around on a bike it’s always a spiritual experience for me.  When I’m rolling along on my hybrid bike my mind begins to wander and think of everyone living and working together and where I fit in the puzzle or if any of us fit at all.  Today I was riding my mountain bike(I’m bike rich due to the generosity of my brother) and it’s a completely different experience for me.  When I’m flying through the woods my mind does not have time to wonder I’m focusing on not crashing lol.  It keeps me focused like meditation does and everything falls away.  They both bring a sense of peace just in different ways.  I was glad I had that sense of peace when my bike went flying off a 6 food drop today and luckily I flipped off missing the drop.  It was a nice little roll  and I didn’t get hurt which is nice for me.  Today was a beautiful day all and all got to ride a bike, feed some ducks, say my prayers next to a river, do some studying and get some other stuff done.  Hope your day went well.

Peace Love Das

Snow Meditation

Well the snow is falling pretty good now here in my neck of the woods.  It’s a beautiful time of year the snow blanket saos sound and quiets everything down. It always a magical moment for me when I look up and see the slow motion snowflakes falling down around me. It tends to happen if im in the woods upstate or just running across the parking lot to throw out the trash.  I can also hear the screams of kids waiting to run outside and use thier new sleds and the couples who get to spend some much needed time at home with eachother. We can always complian about the problems it causes, the shovelling and travel problems but much like many things in life its no use fighting the snow so we might as well enjoy what it provides.

Snow angels for everyone

Peace Love Das

Shine A Light To Destroy The Shadows

One of my favorite readers asked me this question lately “How do you push bad thoughts out of your head so you don’t become a prisoner of them, especially at night when you are trying to sleep?”  That is a tough question but here goes, first off be careful of what you consume throughout the day.  In Buddhism this is called mindful consumption and not only does it include what we eat but also what we listen to, watch on tv and even what we think.  I used to perform hypnosis for therapeutic reason and while going through school to be able to do so I realized something very important we are being hypnotized every second of every day and a lot of what we are taking in is bad.  We hear all this negative stuff and it becomes a program, when your brain has nothing else to do it keeps running this program.  When I started to change my life for the positive simple things had a large impact especially the type of music I was listening to.  Listening to some uplifting music on my way to work in the morning helped me through the entire day.  So being aware of what I consume today is very important no matter where it is coming from.  I have to stalk how I am feeling and what is causing those feelings without judgment of myself or the situation then I can work to change what caused them.

I also had to start living right make sure I was doing good and not causing other people harm, make sure I was trying on a regular basis to improve the way I treated myself and others.  I had to look at the negative stuff I did and make it right.  As negative situations came up in my life I had to take what action I could for that day and put it to rest, once all you can do is done its done.  I had to stop living in fear of stuff some stuff that was never going to happen and I was living through it anyway in my mind.

The thing that helped most with all this was prayer and meditation.  Prayer for me is talking to a higher power and meditation is listening to that same power or at least being in its presence.  As these two practices helped to ground me and allowed me the singleness of mind to see things how the were in reality not what I was doing to distorted them the action I was taking in life had better results or at least I didn’t care or was attached to them.  I could make better decisions and act in life not just react from my ego.  As I came more established in this way of life I found something magical had happened when my head hit the pillow at the end of the day I was at peace and went right to sleep.  As I shined the light of mindfulness through prayer, meditation and right living the shadows that were keeping me up were instantly destroyed.

I hope I answered the original question or at least that was what you needed to hear.


Peace Love Das


Spring Foward

Spring is a great time of year I love seeing things come back to life and for me it is a time of action.  Winter is a time of building energy and reflecting on where we have been but the energy of spring always urges me to move forward.  Lately I have been diving deep into meditation and really expanding my spiritual life yet again.  The people around me are always an inspiration moving forward in all aspects of life weather its at the gym, on the hiking trail, at work or in their relationships.  I love switching gears and I tend to get into reading mode when I am doing my spiritual practice and it sometimes becomes less of a practice.  One thing I was shown after years of filling my self with spiritual/religious knowledge that a little practice would go a lot further and I have found this to be absolutely true in my life and the impact it has on others.  I try to keep reminders of where I am going all over the place to keep me on track.  My spiritual literature is staged on my night stands, my mala is around my neck and some kirtan is on my radio.  Whatever you are doing keep your motivation close at hand ever reminding you of what you are working towards but don’t forget to enjoy the journey as well.



Peace Love Das