Snow Meditation

Well the snow is falling pretty good now here in my neck of the woods.  It’s a beautiful time of year the snow blanket saos sound and quiets everything down. It always a magical moment for me when I look up and see the slow motion snowflakes falling down around me. It tends to happen if im in the woods upstate or just running across the parking lot to throw out the trash.  I can also hear the screams of kids waiting to run outside and use thier new sleds and the couples who get to spend some much needed time at home with eachother. We can always complian about the problems it causes, the shovelling and travel problems but much like many things in life its no use fighting the snow so we might as well enjoy what it provides.

Snow angels for everyone

Peace Love Das

Looking For A Map

“Your heart is your map and your intuition your compass” words to live by that I read in Jeffery Pierce’s Principles of Magick.  Which I highly recommend, this simple wisdom speaks to me. I love teachings form multiple sources and I love to listen but if my heart and my intuition aren’t there with what I am taking in, it is not something I am going to incorporate into my life. Many answers also come if I just sit and listen to myself and clear out some of the rubbish. If something doesn’t feel right I just can’t get my being behind it, if my hearts not into it my efforts will be shaky at best. Thats why I have time and time again gone to people like Jeffery,  I have known him for a while now and if he writes something he seems to live it in my dealings with him.  I have gone to him for his teachings and advice from time to time and he has never asked me to belive anything or do anything that was against my nature.  He more gave me pointers to move along with what was in my own heart. I try to always remember that when interacting with people or doing spiritual counseling. Just because something is right for me doesn’t mean it is right for the peraon I am talking to. It’s always important for me to help people where I can but to force my way of thinking on someone else isnt good for anyone. I know what worked for me and I can offer you a step by step guide of what I did but if it doesn’t work for you what use is it. We are all climbing up the mountian but no two people are on exactly the same path.  Allow others to find their own. 

In your workings with people do you allow them to walk their own path or try and drag them down yours?

Peace Love Das