Spring Foward

Spring is a great time of year I love seeing things come back to life and for me it is a time of action.  Winter is a time of building energy and reflecting on where we have been but the energy of spring always urges me to move forward.  Lately I have been diving deep into meditation and really expanding my spiritual life yet again.  The people around me are always an inspiration moving forward in all aspects of life weather its at the gym, on the hiking trail, at work or in their relationships.  I love switching gears and I tend to get into reading mode when I am doing my spiritual practice and it sometimes becomes less of a practice.  One thing I was shown after years of filling my self with spiritual/religious knowledge that a little practice would go a lot further and I have found this to be absolutely true in my life and the impact it has on others.  I try to keep reminders of where I am going all over the place to keep me on track.  My spiritual literature is staged on my night stands, my mala is around my neck and some kirtan is on my radio.  Whatever you are doing keep your motivation close at hand ever reminding you of what you are working towards but don’t forget to enjoy the journey as well.



Peace Love Das

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