Moving Foward

I’m a pretty busy guy with my work and my home schedule I am always running somewhere it seems lately that I am spinning my tires and wasting more and more precious time.  This happens from time to time and sometimes I really need some time to relax but sometimes I can take it to extreme laziness.  Lately I have much to do but there are some things I need to bump up the priority list like writing more, meditating and studying for the big test i have coming up.  The point is I don’t want to be the same person I am now next year, I like myself all well and good but to me growth and Foward movement is a big part of the reason we are here.  So its time to get up and get stuff done, hopefully in a balanced manner but that has never been my strong point.

Peace Love Das


Life has amazing twist and turns 10 or even 5 years ago I would have never pictured myself where I am today.  Most of the stuff I was worried about never happened and the things that did I never saw coming.  Some of the worst things that happened to me over that time turned out to be the best and some of the best turned out to be the worst.  Which lets me know I don’t always know what I want or need in the long run.  All the worrying in the world never got me anywhere but lost to all the beauty that was around me.  Today I try to keep that in mind to bring the light of mindfulness to every moment, help others where I can and try to spread a wave of smiles wherever I go.  It doesn’t always work out that way but I try and if it doesn’t work out there is always tomorrow.  Being love and spreading peace is what its all about these days and trying to extend that to everyone I come across isn’t always easy but always worth it.  When I flex the love muscle(keep it clean) it gets stronger and my smile gets brighter.  When I was being a spiteful person in my youth full of anger and hate I thought I was strong and in control.  Showing love and forgiveness is where real strength comes in today and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Peace Love Das

Todays Version of Me

Everyday I try to be the best version of myself that I can be. I try to be kind, loving and generous. That is the goal I also try to improve myself for the benefit of others and myself. Some days I am happy with what I bring forth and some days not as much but I don’t judge myself I just have hope for the next day to do better. Some days the best version of me isn’t so great but the goal is to keep growing towards the light, to make improvements. I try to be my own measuring stick, everyone has talents and weaknesses and it’s not fair to judge our weaknesses against others strengths or others weaknesses against our strengths. We should come together with those around us to grow together.

What will you do to grow into a better  version of yourself?

Peace Love Das


There is much to be done in all aspects of life from the smallest detail to the greatest triumph.  We as humans are capable of so much, a few of us have been able to do awe inspiring things, in fact many of us have.  We are full of potential and can do more and more if we let go of our own limitations and break through our walls.  I have seen a great many people around me lately do some amazing things and it is inspiring.  People just like you and I using there energy to transform themselves, their families and the world around them.  Not all these things would be amazing to all but if we use our energy and get a little closer to our full potential we can make this world a little better even if by just brightening someone’s day.  Changes to have to be huge to be worth it, just full of the quality of love.  I was thought early on to take energy away from stuff that wasn’t propelling me forward in love and use that energy for the things that can, this has been a far better journey because of that but takes constant reevaluation.


What are you using your energy, your potential for right now?  Is it worth it?



Peace Love Das 


Resentment-Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.  Resentment is something I try to stay away from at all cost so when it pops up I generally put as much effort as needed to get past the situation.  I can’t see wasting time at being bitter when there is happiness to be had.  The problem is someone hurts us once and we just keep reliving and warping our view of the situation increasing our bitterness, thus effecting our lives and the actions we take.  The more we think of the situation the more energy we put into it the greater the bitterness present in our daily lives.  I used to put a lot of energy into my resentments which made me amazingly bitter but it was easy to identify because it was so glaring.  Currently I am more accepting and much more easy going so they aren’t so apparent.  Sometimes they are so subtle they slide right under the radar so the other day when I was gently guided to the awareness that I have one brewing I was a little surprised but not upset at all(which is good).  Through awareness of this resentment I was able to really look at the situation, accept what went wrong and create a plan for action in the future.  The resentment is now gone in my head, I still have action to take but now have a direction for my action in the future by taking a closer look at the situation.  Through this awareness that I was guided to I got a chance to look at where I went wrong and what me part was, we all have a part even though it doesn’t seem that way.  I am glad I got the chance to see this and move on with forgiveness in my heart.



Peace Love Das

Effects of Our Surroundings

I have been thinking more and more about the effects of our surroundings.  I go though ebbs and flows on this path like anyone else.  Sometimes spiritual pursuit is in the forefront of my mind but sometimes life gets busy and it is easier to just slack off.  By the time I have this realization I am consuming without thought and certainly without mindfulness.  I get into what I call autopilot, just going through life and not experiencing so much.  I do not control as much of what I am consuming, with my eyes, my mouth, my ears and my mind.  In the beginning little effect is seen I listen to a little negative music no worries.  Watch a little too much news and some bad TV not too bad.  Eat some bad food that is not good for me what can it hurt.  A little gossip just for fun cause after all I am just talking.  Then wham straight to the face with negative thinking and I am in a rut.  Everything around us has the potential to effect us physically, spiritually and mentally.  While a little of this would not hurt us if we are keeping a spiritual mindset the cumulative effects add up but it does seem to hit suddenly or maybe the realization just comes on that way.  I try to stay mindful of what I am in taking in these days try to set aside some time each day to meditate and pray.  Maybe listen to some uplifting music and read some scripture.  The effects of these small actions can have a great and sudden impact on myself and those around me cause I am  better equipped to be in the world when in a spiritual mindset.  If a fraction of the world spent a little more time on the positive and a little less time on the news, reality TV, the latest want, junk food and gossip to name a few the world might be a much brighter place to live in.  While I think with how busy we are now with all our distractions we spend less and less time on spirituality and more and more time on mindless endeavors.  A good test for me is when I drive to work in the morning if I am disturbed about the traffic I am not doing what I should but when I am checking out the trees and the clouds I’m on the right path.  With so much advancement in the world these days I think everybody could use a little more time to advance their hearts.


What did you consume today?



Peace Love Das

Physical Pain

Physical pain much like anything else can be a gateway to spiritual growth.  Many times it can keep us in the moment like no other time.  Our thoughts and anxiety’s for the future can slip away.  It can also let us be free of lingering resentment for the past.  I have a bad back, I am in some state of pain often, some days are better than others.  It is easy on the bad days, to fall back into a very ego driven defensive state.  Lashing out at those around us but it doesn’t have to be that way.  If we are mindful of the pain we are in and let it be a constant reminder of the spiritual growth we seek some good can even come of these situations.  Sometimes when the pain kicks into high gear I lack motivation to do much physical work or be out and about.  I try to use this down time to look within, catch up on some reading or meditate.  These down times forced or not can put me in a state of mental well being and make my ability to tackle problems and be out in the world far greater when I am feeling better.


The point is and always is for me life will throw you curve balls and instead of swinging like mad at them all the time sometimes is nice to take a breath and watch the ball fly by.



Peace Love Das 

Judging People On Their Past Mistakes

Another suggested topic this one was brought to me by someone who is near and dear to my heart so here goes. Lets start with judging -1.Form an opinion or conclusion about. Judging never works well as we think we have absolute understanding of where people are coming from. Which usually is not the case and if we did have that understanding we would not judge so harshly. We would have an understanding of why someone does what they do and reach out to them with compassion. We also tend to judge from a position of ego looking down on our fellow man separating us. Having a judgment on anything brings attachment to that judgment and a need to defend that position and be right which only causes more suffering. We can have views on certain things but its good to have an understanding that people are making the best decision they can at any given time even if it looks completely different from the outside.

On to judging people on their past mistakes. Assuming that here are mistakes in this life to me the only mistake you truly make is the one you don’t learn from or can’t help someone else with the experience of having made it. To judge someone on a mistake they made in the past is just wrong if you can’t accept them for who they are and what they have done you probably should not have them in your life. Everyone makes mistakes I at one time in my life was very miserable and mistreated people on a daily basis out of my suffering, it brought on more suffering to myself and people around me and seemed to be an endless cycle but made me who I am today. I am truly sorry to the people I have hurt and try to make up for it everyday not only with words but with actions but I needed that part of my life to grow into where I am now. I would hate for someone to judge me by what I did at a low point in my life thinking they know something about me now. We all make mistakes and should not throw stones no matter what type of house we live in.

You would not judge a rose when you just planted it you would wait for it to bloom to realize its true beauty so don’t judge people on what they did while they were still growing and hopefully the will show you the same patience.

If you love someone for who they are don’t judge them on what has brought them to who they are.

Peace Love Das