Physical Pain

Physical pain much like anything else can be a gateway to spiritual growth.  Many times it can keep us in the moment like no other time.  Our thoughts and anxiety’s for the future can slip away.  It can also let us be free of lingering resentment for the past.  I have a bad back, I am in some state of pain often, some days are better than others.  It is easy on the bad days, to fall back into a very ego driven defensive state.  Lashing out at those around us but it doesn’t have to be that way.  If we are mindful of the pain we are in and let it be a constant reminder of the spiritual growth we seek some good can even come of these situations.  Sometimes when the pain kicks into high gear I lack motivation to do much physical work or be out and about.  I try to use this down time to look within, catch up on some reading or meditate.  These down times forced or not can put me in a state of mental well being and make my ability to tackle problems and be out in the world far greater when I am feeling better.


The point is and always is for me life will throw you curve balls and instead of swinging like mad at them all the time sometimes is nice to take a breath and watch the ball fly by.



Peace Love Das 

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