Forget It

We think many times when walking on a spiritual path that we need to add something, that there is some piece of knowledge or a chant that will unlock to door.  While this stuff can be helpful, very helpful at some points, most if not all the answers can come from within.  It’s not so much what we have to learn all the time as what we have to forget.    This was brought back to mind by the magnet that sits on my fridge.  The spirit or ease of life we so desperately seek is always present.  Inside of you, right now, is true love and even enlightenment, the problem is all the stuff we have collected over our lives to cover it up.  For example I used to drink and act out a lot, as an action of ego I would blow up my problems and make them worse and worse.  I needed to have the worst problems around, then I thought nobody could blame me for drinking and acting out.  After many years of this behavior I stopped drinking and acting out and really trying to seek a better way of life.  The problem was I was still making a mountain out of a mole hill, I would stub my toe and by the time you heard about it I nearly ripped my leg off.  I was stuck in this thinking and the smallest problem would keep me down and depressed for way too long.  I had to forget this defense mechanism that was no longer needed.  It took time and pain to see things as they really were, to see how important or non important things were.  This was one of the many things I had to forget to open my way up to a happy life.  There were many more that’s for sure but as I began to forget this negative way of life, the positive was just there.  This is when I came to believe that the positive, happy, peaceful way of life was natural and what we were meant to be living.

With all we learn from the world around us it is very hard for most of us to be in a natural state of peace but if we are mindful of what we are taking in and forget what is not needed I think we can go far.  Not so much that we need to learn love but forget hate, the love will shine forth I promise.


What have you had to forget on your journey?



Peace Love Das

4 thoughts on “Forget It

  1. Inspirational! The importance of being in a complete natural state and allow things to be as they are is impeccable!

  2. I use to be a “why me” person. And I have now become a “why not me” person. Who the hell was I to feel sorry for myself? When their are people out their with far less than me. Everyday I wake up in the morning and open my eyes I know just how lucky I am. My life has changed drastically when I left my negativity behind and started opening my eyes to all my positives.

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