Spirituality can come from anywhere, anything can be shown to help us better find our peace.  To prove that point this blurb is about what I learn from Poseidon my cat or P Man for short.  My cat is a wonderful creature he is a rescue from the local animal shelter.  An adult cat when I got him his time was limited as he had been in the shelter for a while, when I found out how much time he had left before they put him down he was boxed up and I took him home.  Very highly recommend rescuing an animal they may even do the same for you.  Back to the point, this furry little guy is  really in the moment, just about all of the time.  His ability to sit on my meditation cushion for hours would impress anyone  He does still get a little mad when I work too much but he is ultra quick to forgive, never holds a grudge for any longer than it takes to pet his head.  He is a cat of few words, I actually didn’t think he could make noise for the first couple years but now he grunts very kind words now and then.  He very much so seems to be at peace most of the time, must be all his napping.  There is much to be learned along this spiritual path from just about everything in our lives and we can learn much from our animal friends.


What has your animal friends shown you?



Peace Love Das

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