Hero -a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.  My question here is, what happened to all the heroes/heroines, when did we lose these people?  We used to have people who were worth looking up to, people who sacrificed for the greater good, who were leaders of religion, science, spiritual thought, poets, politicians and people who were just straight up noble.  We looked at up to people because the way they carried themselves and the actions they took.  Some of these people were famous some just performed incredible acts we watched their moves and their lives became an inspiration for ours bringing humanity to new heights.  What do we watch now?  Nothing good that’s what.  A lot of what we see today is fear based to drum up news ratings or just look at these famous people.  I think there is almost a worship of some of these people who are famous for what, I have no idea.  Not saying that all people on TV or in the news are bad but we could use some more positive role models for us and the generations to come.


How is your hero?


Peace Love Das