Righteous Anger

Nothing steals happiness and peace from our lives like anger.  It being blinders to all that is good around us with such a focus on the negative that it can remove joy like nothing else.  When we are just angry after some time that energy will die off and we will have a chance to make peace with our anger or see where we were wrong in our thoughts, deeds or actions.  When our anger becomes righteous or justifiable when we absolve ourselves of any wrongdoing, this feeling can last a very long time.  We can be totally immersed in our anger knowing we are 100% right about the situation and it is no fault of our own.  We fail to see we are judging a person, place or event from a moral high ground not putting ourselves on the level as a product of the divine, same as the world around us.  People tend to love their anger when they feel it justified, I know I was one of them.  The problem is at the end of the day we are angry, while I used to find comfort in this feeling I now know its more a reflection of me then anyone else.  With mindfulness, I can most of the time see where I have gone wrong and even if I haven’t there is no need to hold on to anger.  I would rather be just plan old happy, works much better for me.  I have been told time and time again that its a normal part of life to be angry and thus unavoidable.  Well that does not work for me, murders are a normal part of life but it is not something I accept to be unavoidable.  Yes I realize 99.9% of people will never wipe out all the anger in their lives me included but isn’t it worth a shot?  What do we have to lose but anger, you can have all mine if you want cause I sure don’t want it.  I found as I got my ego under control, the amount I was angry went down a bunch, when I let people live their lives how they wanted to it went down even further and I continue to try and let anger go from my life, if not for everyone else’s sake around me then for my own.


Is anger stealing happiness from your life? What are you going to let it go?


Peace Love Das