Stop Teaching Hate

When we stop teaching hate and start fostering the love that we are born with we will start to see a decline in they types of events that happened in Boston today.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been effected in this tragedy. We need to foster understanding of one another, take time to show people we care and stop teaching hate to our youths. I do not subscribe to any belief that anyone is better than anyone else, because of sex, religion, skin color, sexual orientation or any other reason. Some people are taught very early on that some group of people are wrong for some character trait, they take this information from their parents and run with it and some take it to extreme levels which is why I believe these events keep taking place. People go through tough times and they look for someone to blame and usually it is who they are taught to blame from their parents or society. The truth is a lot of the suffering they are going through in the first place maybe could have been helped from spending time with some of the people they have been shown to hate. With all the stuff in the news these days I still believe that most people are good people, what makes me believe this, you ask? I talk to people and get to know them regardless of how they look, dress or how much money they have.

If we all took the time to understand one another maybe we could have a few more hugs and a lot less bombs.

Peace Love Das

2 thoughts on “Stop Teaching Hate

  1. well that would be nice to have one day, but impossible
    there are always going to be people who don’t feel the way you do
    and we must respond with force when coming across those people

  2. Thank you for your comment and I have felt that way in the past and at times recently. I have used much force in my life and the end result was always negative. There are no easy answers to this stuff but I like to simplify it. If we were 4th graders and you beat me up on the playground I would get my older brother to beat you up then you could get some friends to beat us up and the cycle may continue till the whole world is fighting. An understanding of each other in the first place could of stopped it and we could of been friends. I realize this is a very simplified version but I think if you scale it up it works all the same.

    Hope all is well thanks for reading

    Peace Love Das

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