Same Sex Love

Romantic love betwee two people should always celebrated no matter if those people are the same sex or not. People always bring up the religious aspects of right or wrong when debating this and weather I think that men were meant to lay with men or women meant to lay with women really doesn’t matter. Thier doing so has never effected my love for a woman, my views on marriage or my ability to practice my religion. Furthermore if you really think that its against God then hey why would he make people that way. Some people think its a choice and I have never believed that anymore than I have ever had the choice to love a man or a woman, I didn’t. I have always been attracted to women and if I was told your religion didn’t agree and I should love men there is nothing I could do to change what comes naturally so why the hell do people believe gay people have that choice. I strongly believe in peoples right to do what makes them happy if people agree with it or not as long as nobody is getting hurt and that sure is not the case hear. Love whoever you want thats fine by me.  Instead of trying to make laws preventing people from marrying who that want, maybe we should take that energy and try to stop all of the hate.

Just my two cents.

Peace Love Das