Patience, another topic suggested by one of my readers.  Patience is something when worked on not only benefits those around us but it helps us to live a more peaceful life.  Many times we lose patience with others when we are focused on ourselves.  We see only what we are focused on and when doing so any action by others can be seen as a disruption to our peace because we lack patience in dealing with others.  This can ruin our day as well as others when we lack patience we do not act we react to the perceived situation and many times hurt others which can be the opposite of what we want to do but have little control.  We may even end up having guilt over the way we have treated people.  The real problem is we have lack of understanding of the situations people are going through around us.  The guy who just cut me off is a xxxxx and he can go xxxx himself cause I got places to go too.  What we don’t understand is what the xxxxx is going through.  He may be rushing his child laying down in the back seat of his car to the hospital, he may be late for an important job that is his only hope of supporting his family.  The point is we don’t know and if we did we might not react so swiftly but have compassion for him.  Also there is many things I have done to piss people off lots of that time my actions were less than stellar but directly attributed to some suffering I was going through I could of used some patience, some love at that time.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and give them some slack as I have been show it from time to time when I needed it.  What other choice do I have I can lose my patience all I want even if I’m justified in my action in my own head at the end of the day I have lost my peace I am disturbed and I have caused harm to others which is a failing mark in my book for the day.


Do you show others patience?  Are there times when someone has shown you patience you didn’t deserve?  Shouldn’t we pass that along to others?


Peace Love Das

2 thoughts on “Patience

    • In the beginning you have to be aware of your emotions and try to catch it before it happens. Then you can gain understanding of those around you and act instead of react(when acting you have control when reacting your ego is driving the bus). Many times in the beginning you will not be able to accomplish this I know I couldn’t but overtime I would come closer and closer to realizing what I have done to when it happened and then one magical day I caught it right before it happened and was able to take a deep breath and act in a loving way. Repeating a mantra during the day helps some times if you have it as a regular practice, they do tend to pop up when it is needed. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy can just be simple like “every little things gonna be alright”. You could also bring to mind someone you love like a child and treat the person the way you would treat them. If you need the patience with your child think of the way you would accept someone else treating them. Everyone can find their own way to practice patience but it is a practice you have to work at looking at it and seeing it needs some work is more than half the battle.

      Good luck and breathe

      Peace Love Das

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