Letting Go of Guilt Over Past Mistakes

 Letting Go of Guilt Over Past Mistakes, another great suggested topic by one of my readers.  This can be a big one for most people at times myself included the most pain we come across is inflicted by ourselves.  Guilt over past mistakes can get ugly, we are always looking forward reliving a decision from the past.  The problem we are not living life right now nor are we looking ahead to the future.  So what is a person to do?  Look deeply at the situation get it down on paper I feel this helps for us to be honest about what really happened.  Many times when through regret we make are selves out to be terrible monsters when it is just not the case.  The ego does this so we can feel worse about ourselves, in the egos eyes we got to draw attention to hurt so we have a reason to seek things outside ourselves for happiness, that’s the egos job.  The happiness you seek is inside you trust me I have looked everywhere else but more on that at another time.  Once you have it all down on paper as it has actually happened not the stories we tell ourselves, look at it.  Ask yourself why did you do what you did?  Where you suffering?  Where you misunderstood?  Where you in fear?  Did you misunderstand others?  Did you cause suffering?  Take a real good look at it and know that you made the best decision you did at the time.  Maybe not the decision you would make today but the best one you could make then in your current situation otherwise trust me you would have.  You have not doubt grown since then that’s why we are all here to grow.  If you find out that you have caused suffering maybe an amends is in order that’s something you will have to figure out.  Maybe you need to make an amends to yourself.  I will tell you this making amends is nice especially one from the heart but living amends making better decisions in the future is where its at.  Learning from our mistakes and living a better life makes a world of difference to you and those around you.


How are you doing letting go of guilt of the past?  Any helpful hints?  Would love to hear from you.


Peace Love Das

2 thoughts on “Letting Go of Guilt Over Past Mistakes

  1. I am not to sure I really carry around much guilt. I have made quite a few mistakes in the past but I like to think I learned a little something from each of them. I would only feel guilty if I disappointed someone other than myself.

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