Goals and Motivation

This is the first of the suggested topics I received from friends and readers so here goes nothing.  Goal- the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.  I think goals are vastly important they keep us evolving and growing which is why I believe we are here.  To better ourselves to be the best we can be not only for ourselves but for other people.  What I call a win-win situation, you benefit through your efforts but so do other people, everybody wins.  To have a goal and for it to be worth while according to definition you need to direct effort towards something which is a lot easier if you care for it.  Proper motivation can come from many places keeping your effort strong and brining about the end result.  Much of my motivation comes through spirituality and my desire to do good as many of my goals are spiritual in nature.  Not all goals are easily measured so I believe its very important to enjoy the journey but sometimes this is easier said than done so the end result must be looked at.  With any goal I think growth plays a big part, growing is much of the journey that will lead you to the end game but I try not to be too attached to the result, knowing that what I’m putting my energy into will change me even if I don’t achieve the end result I think I was meant to do it for a reason and if I did not achieve what I wanted I learned something and the change will do me good.


As the year comes to a close I am reminded of my goal to help a person a day for a year which I made around this time last year.  Did I achieve it?  Too tell you the truth I don’t know didn’t really measure it to much but I do know this the goal that was set kept popping into my head and I helped a lot more people than I would of had I not set it.  So for me I guess I did complete my goal or at least the intention which was to help more people.


PS- If you know someone is working on a goal support them.  Sometimes we can become jealous of people trying to better themselves.  There is more than enough for everyone out there but we can only get it if we help each other.


What goals are you working on?


Peace Love Das

2 thoughts on “Goals and Motivation

  1. I am working on a better me. And I think the best way to do that is to not carry around negativity and try and put a positive spin on things. I feel like I can always do a little more, when it comes to everyday living. I want to break away from the everyday rat race we live in and understand there is so much more to life than paying bills, cleaning the house, working and just going through the motions. And the best way to do that is spending quality time with family and friends.

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