Happy Holidays

I am down in North Carolina this week for work a couple days away from my beloved New Jersey and 1 thing was noticeably different the second I walked off the plane.  Forget that I wasn’t even off the plane yet and I heard it Merry Christmas it is been a custom where I live to say Happy Holidays for quite some time now.  As soon as I landed the pilot came over the loudspeaker have an said have a great day and Merry Christmas.  I noticed it because I’m so used to hearing happy holidays I for 1 have no problem with it doesn’t bother me in the least but some people get all up in arms about it.  I also noticed the lack of Menorah flanking Christmas trees down here which is the common practice up north.  my question is what do you say? do you have a problem with it? does it bother you to hear a specific holiday with the well wishing?  if I know your religion I will use that this time of year if I know you’re Jewish I’m going to say Happy Hanukkah if you’re Christian I’m going to say Merry Christmas if I don’t know I will use happy holidays.  Feel free to whish me whatever you like I will celebrate it all and if your  atheist have a nice day.  I think the spirit of the holidays is love and that no matter what holiday you celebrate we should be sharing that love celebrating what brings us together and not what seperates us.

Peace Love Das

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