Good News

Despite all the negative news on tv this also happened today. Puppies, kittens and tons of cute animals were born. Families got together and had good times.  Old friends reconnected and new ones were made.  People got new jobs.  Babies were born and held for the first time.  People were forgiven.  People fell in love.  People found new hope in all kinds of things. Someone found their missing left sock.  People reached goals.  Mountains were hiked and sicknesses were cured. Poeple helped people and it was powerful stuff.

And the best news of all, this stuff happens everyday.

What good news do you have?

Peace Love Das


People keep asking me what I think about the recent shootings at a Newton Connecticut elementary school. Its a horrible tragedy there isnt much else to say many people lost their lives before they even started, parents were lost, children were lost, brothers, sisters and loved ones.  Its terrible all around what drives someone to do things of this nature I have no idea i will venture to guess that alot of suffering in the young mans life that carried out the attacks this by no means makes it any less terrible. I can onky imagine what these families are going through, stuff that nobody should have to go through. Its now all over the place politicians are going crazy, advocacy groups pumping up there cause and a host of other reactions.  People calling for tougher gun control laws more security all kinds of things will this help I have no idea. I am a former gun owner former military member and gave up the need for guns a long time ago. I do think that more love and understanding will help for the recovering families from this tragedy and to prevent future ones from happening. I don’t know if all the other actions will do anything but if people are loved more helped more and have the help they need maybe people would not be driven to do these horrfic things. I’m sorry if any of this offends anyone and my thoughts and prayers are with all off you.

Peace Love Das

Happy Holidays

I am down in North Carolina this week for work a couple days away from my beloved New Jersey and 1 thing was noticeably different the second I walked off the plane.  Forget that I wasn’t even off the plane yet and I heard it Merry Christmas it is been a custom where I live to say Happy Holidays for quite some time now.  As soon as I landed the pilot came over the loudspeaker have an said have a great day and Merry Christmas.  I noticed it because I’m so used to hearing happy holidays I for 1 have no problem with it doesn’t bother me in the least but some people get all up in arms about it.  I also noticed the lack of Menorah flanking Christmas trees down here which is the common practice up north.  my question is what do you say? do you have a problem with it? does it bother you to hear a specific holiday with the well wishing?  if I know your religion I will use that this time of year if I know you’re Jewish I’m going to say Happy Hanukkah if you’re Christian I’m going to say Merry Christmas if I don’t know I will use happy holidays.  Feel free to whish me whatever you like I will celebrate it all and if your  atheist have a nice day.  I think the spirit of the holidays is love and that no matter what holiday you celebrate we should be sharing that love celebrating what brings us together and not what seperates us.

Peace Love Das