Baby On The Way

So in a few short weeks I will become a father, yes that’s right a small bundle of joy will be brought into this world in mid February.  Needless to say I am super excited, I have never had so much love for someone I have never meet before my heart grows everyday for the little guy and my girlfriend  who has been a real trooper through the whole pregnancy.  I’m sure it’s going to be a little crazy but I’m not too bad with kids and the little lady is pretty amazing at it. I will look to keep working on my sprituality which I am sure is going to be a challenge with a new baby and time constraints but I also have been amazed by children many times and how much they can teach us especially before they pick up too much stuff from us. We’ll I am sure we will talk along the way on this long journey hope all is well with all of you.

Peace Love Das

Different Vehicles Same Destination

We are all going to the same place, all trying to get to the ultimate happiness and this life or the afterlife. So why do we judge so harshly the way others are trying to get there?  We or at least I don’t know whats the best way for someone to get where they are trying to go I am just happy they are on the journey.  There are paths I have been down in my life that wouldn’t work on my journey right now but they did at the time. There are some paths that others are using that I once used or will one day use so why should I judge their vehicle or where they are on their journey.  On my best days I just try to move along on mine and when I see someone with a flat tire I try to help them change it but ifvthey don’t want my help I just keep trucking. I know there will be seemingly wrong turns on my journey but as long as I am moving foward I know even the wrong turns are part of the journey.

Peace Love Das

2 Measures of Spritual Progress

1. Am I at peace?

2. Am I helping others?


That’s it! That’s what I generally boil it down to.  Am I at peace? Is there joy in my life or am I dreading everyday?  Am I getting better at living life going through it with more peace in my heart.  If I am not a peace it is time to change something, keep track of what works and keeping moving towards that peace.

Now onto number 2, Am I helping others?  Well what good is all the peace and good vibes if you are not sharing it and no I don’t mean banging on doors with some spiritual book in your hand.  I mean being nicer to be people allowing them to live life, holding a door, making a donation, helping in hard times, general good will to mankind and doing so without judgment in your heart.


Well, how do you gauge your progress? 


Peace Love Das


We are all on a journey through life always going somewhere but it is important to look around and enjoy the journey.  Too often we focus on the end game, this point we want to be at and miss the joy of life that is happening right now.  I for one am not here to miss this beautiful ride there are things I want in life and I try to work towards them and I believe they will be good when I get there but I am already somewhere and it is time to enjoy, right now.  Many of us are to focused on when I make this much money, when I have this house, when I write this book and many other far off goals.  The truth is if we are not grateful for this moment for the things we have now we probably won’t be for long even when these goals are achieved.  Happiness is available now, there is so much life to live and we might as well enjoy it.  I started thinking about this while I was staying out way too late on a work night talking to someone very close to me. Yes I had work the next morning super early, but I  got the most out of that night was present in the moment sucking the marrow out of life.  Many amazing moments are given up by not being present in the life around us may we all move towards mindfulness and be present right now.



Peace Love Das

Judging People On Their Past Mistakes

Another suggested topic this one was brought to me by someone who is near and dear to my heart so here goes. Lets start with judging -1.Form an opinion or conclusion about. Judging never works well as we think we have absolute understanding of where people are coming from. Which usually is not the case and if we did have that understanding we would not judge so harshly. We would have an understanding of why someone does what they do and reach out to them with compassion. We also tend to judge from a position of ego looking down on our fellow man separating us. Having a judgment on anything brings attachment to that judgment and a need to defend that position and be right which only causes more suffering. We can have views on certain things but its good to have an understanding that people are making the best decision they can at any given time even if it looks completely different from the outside.

On to judging people on their past mistakes. Assuming that here are mistakes in this life to me the only mistake you truly make is the one you don’t learn from or can’t help someone else with the experience of having made it. To judge someone on a mistake they made in the past is just wrong if you can’t accept them for who they are and what they have done you probably should not have them in your life. Everyone makes mistakes I at one time in my life was very miserable and mistreated people on a daily basis out of my suffering, it brought on more suffering to myself and people around me and seemed to be an endless cycle but made me who I am today. I am truly sorry to the people I have hurt and try to make up for it everyday not only with words but with actions but I needed that part of my life to grow into where I am now. I would hate for someone to judge me by what I did at a low point in my life thinking they know something about me now. We all make mistakes and should not throw stones no matter what type of house we live in.

You would not judge a rose when you just planted it you would wait for it to bloom to realize its true beauty so don’t judge people on what they did while they were still growing and hopefully the will show you the same patience.

If you love someone for who they are don’t judge them on what has brought them to who they are.

Peace Love Das