Think Think Think Stop

That’s all we do sometimes and it makes us crazy. We think about what we want, what we think we need, what we have to do even though we cant do it right now, where we think we should be in life and what we think will make us happy. The thing is if we stopped all this constant thinking about this stuff we would be much happier. Sure planning is good a little bit of daydreaming is sweet but when we think to much about what we dont have or what we need it completely takes us out of the present moment. Witness something grand or do something that makes you alive in the present moment, all this thinking stops and the happiness flows in. The happiness flows in because that is our natural state.  If we practice just being in the present and stop making noise in our own head we would be much happier.  Something I have to remind myself of often.

Peace Love Das


Happiness happens the moment you stop worrying about what you need to be happy. If you are worried about getting this or that all the time to be happy your gonna be pretty miserable. Many of the times I am most at peace I am doing something that anyone could do, nithing that takes a lit of money but more having an appreciation for what is given freely. I try to look at things through a childs eyes as if I am witnessing them for the first time, with out judgement just reaching out with my heart and loving understanding.

Peace Love Das
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We are all on a journey through life always going somewhere but it is important to look around and enjoy the journey.  Too often we focus on the end game, this point we want to be at and miss the joy of life that is happening right now.  I for one am not here to miss this beautiful ride there are things I want in life and I try to work towards them and I believe they will be good when I get there but I am already somewhere and it is time to enjoy, right now.  Many of us are to focused on when I make this much money, when I have this house, when I write this book and many other far off goals.  The truth is if we are not grateful for this moment for the things we have now we probably won’t be for long even when these goals are achieved.  Happiness is available now, there is so much life to live and we might as well enjoy it.  I started thinking about this while I was staying out way too late on a work night talking to someone very close to me. Yes I had work the next morning super early, but I  got the most out of that night was present in the moment sucking the marrow out of life.  Many amazing moments are given up by not being present in the life around us may we all move towards mindfulness and be present right now.



Peace Love Das

Love is a product of amazing versatility.

Love is a product of amazing versatility.

It will bring sunshine to a cloudy day and a warm heart during a winters chill.

If by chance it is used in sufficient quantities, love will bring happiness to any home, understanding to the misunderstood, food to tables, beauty where there was none, helping hand in hard times and peace for everyone.

Love will also bring good reputations, good jobs, good friends, happiness to children’s hearts, sanity, freedom, spouses, relationships, and a couples ability to adjust and live with each other and the world around them.

Righteous Anger

Nothing steals happiness and peace from our lives like anger.  It being blinders to all that is good around us with such a focus on the negative that it can remove joy like nothing else.  When we are just angry after some time that energy will die off and we will have a chance to make peace with our anger or see where we were wrong in our thoughts, deeds or actions.  When our anger becomes righteous or justifiable when we absolve ourselves of any wrongdoing, this feeling can last a very long time.  We can be totally immersed in our anger knowing we are 100% right about the situation and it is no fault of our own.  We fail to see we are judging a person, place or event from a moral high ground not putting ourselves on the level as a product of the divine, same as the world around us.  People tend to love their anger when they feel it justified, I know I was one of them.  The problem is at the end of the day we are angry, while I used to find comfort in this feeling I now know its more a reflection of me then anyone else.  With mindfulness, I can most of the time see where I have gone wrong and even if I haven’t there is no need to hold on to anger.  I would rather be just plan old happy, works much better for me.  I have been told time and time again that its a normal part of life to be angry and thus unavoidable.  Well that does not work for me, murders are a normal part of life but it is not something I accept to be unavoidable.  Yes I realize 99.9% of people will never wipe out all the anger in their lives me included but isn’t it worth a shot?  What do we have to lose but anger, you can have all mine if you want cause I sure don’t want it.  I found as I got my ego under control, the amount I was angry went down a bunch, when I let people live their lives how they wanted to it went down even further and I continue to try and let anger go from my life, if not for everyone else’s sake around me then for my own.


Is anger stealing happiness from your life? What are you going to let it go?


Peace Love Das

Blowing Sunshine

You may be shocked to know that not everyday am I blowing sunshine out of my butt.  Yes I do consider myself to be very happy and positive person but some days are better than others.  When I look back before I started the path I am on now most days flat out sucked.  I was miserable and if some of the circumstances that happened today happened then I would probably be pissed off for a couple months.  Today I am just not as happy as I normally am but I sure don’t feed into it like I used to.  Ego can not only make you feel better than, it could also take great pride in going the other direction, making you feel worst than everyone else like you have the biggest problems in the world.  Trust me you don’t nor did I, its ok.  Today when things aren’t going my way I just kind of role with it, do what I can and forget the rest.  I could spend my whole life focusing on what isn’t perfect but that whole time I would be missing what is and when it comes down to it, in the end, its all perfect, we just don’t see it yet.


So tonight I will read a joke, say a prayer, meditate, read some spiritual text and refocus and I am pretty sure it will pass.


What do you do on days like these, when the smile fades from your face a bit?


Forget it my cat just made funny faces at me I am back to blowing sunshine out of my butt.


and remember when all else fails don’t take yourself so seriously


Peace Love Das

Endless Needs

Many of us confuse our needs and wants and through our brainwashing and constant hypnosis through outside sources we think we need so much to be happy. We think that when we receive our latest desire that we experience happiness and that level of happiness is there but not for the reasons we think. I believe we return to our natural state of happiness when that need/want is filled the trick is if we never had the want we might of stayed in our natural state of happiness the whole time. Many a time I have been perfectly happy but see something I want and that want turns quickly in my head into a need (something I try to stay away from). Once I make up my mind that I want that thing it ruins my peace and takes over my thinking many times this thing is something I have lived without my whole life but now it is super important. Once I get this thing then its importance dies. The happiest I have ever been was never because of things but cause of my relationship to others and God centeredness. With the current state of the media putting celebrities at god like status many people believe we need that type of money so we can buy anything we want to be happy and its just not the case the problem is we get away from our peace and happiness in our struggle for the new shinny thing. You can’t fill a god sized whole with cars, money or anything else sure they are nice to have but they lose there shine quick. Look at how many celebrities and people of seemingly endless means who have everything money could buy are miserable. In such a state of suffering that they turn to drugs and many destructive behaviors to change the way they feel. We watch them on the news and think they are just crazy I don’t believe that to be the case they are just suffering like many of us do and they thought they would be happy when they got everything they wanted. We as people of lesser means tend to think of our suffering as lack of this or that and when we see people with the things we want and they are not happy we can only come up with “they are crazy”. That’s why so many of these people turn to spirituality to be happy and after that we say they have gone even further off the deep end, when I see it I think thank God they are on the right path now.

Yes basic needs are important and a level of comfort is great but once that it satisfied it up to us to get back to happiness, forget all the negative we have learned and find peace.

What do you think? I would love to know your views.

Peace Love Das