Giving Thanks Year Round

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday here in the US we all come together with friends and family and hopeful are thankful for all we have, but why keep it to just one day?  To me Thanksgiving is a important reminder a beacon that should set off a light that hey look at all this love in my life.  The most important thing to me is family on this day and just about everyone the rest of the year.  The family I was born with and the other ones I choose to be part of.  With all the money and things in the world they are empty unless I have people to share it with but on the other hand I don’t need much material things if I have good relationships and loving people in my life.  To me giving thanks for the people around me is an action.  I need to treat these people with love and respect.  Show them what they mean to me and let them know.  I might even put my selfish desires to the side and sacrifice a little to give them what they need and not what I think they need.  To be thankful and live at least a small portion of everyday helping people is to truly be alive.

Peace Love Das

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