Looking For A Map

“Your heart is your map and your intuition your compass” words to live by that I read in Jeffery Pierce’s Principles of Magick.  Which I highly recommend, this simple wisdom speaks to me. I love teachings form multiple sources and I love to listen but if my heart and my intuition aren’t there with what I am taking in, it is not something I am going to incorporate into my life. Many answers also come if I just sit and listen to myself and clear out some of the rubbish. If something doesn’t feel right I just can’t get my being behind it, if my hearts not into it my efforts will be shaky at best. Thats why I have time and time again gone to people like Jeffery,  I have known him for a while now and if he writes something he seems to live it in my dealings with him.  I have gone to him for his teachings and advice from time to time and he has never asked me to belive anything or do anything that was against my nature.  He more gave me pointers to move along with what was in my own heart. I try to always remember that when interacting with people or doing spiritual counseling. Just because something is right for me doesn’t mean it is right for the peraon I am talking to. It’s always important for me to help people where I can but to force my way of thinking on someone else isnt good for anyone. I know what worked for me and I can offer you a step by step guide of what I did but if it doesn’t work for you what use is it. We are all climbing up the mountian but no two people are on exactly the same path.  Allow others to find their own. 

In your workings with people do you allow them to walk their own path or try and drag them down yours?

Peace Love Das

Effects of Our Surroundings

I have been thinking more and more about the effects of our surroundings.  I go though ebbs and flows on this path like anyone else.  Sometimes spiritual pursuit is in the forefront of my mind but sometimes life gets busy and it is easier to just slack off.  By the time I have this realization I am consuming without thought and certainly without mindfulness.  I get into what I call autopilot, just going through life and not experiencing so much.  I do not control as much of what I am consuming, with my eyes, my mouth, my ears and my mind.  In the beginning little effect is seen I listen to a little negative music no worries.  Watch a little too much news and some bad TV not too bad.  Eat some bad food that is not good for me what can it hurt.  A little gossip just for fun cause after all I am just talking.  Then wham straight to the face with negative thinking and I am in a rut.  Everything around us has the potential to effect us physically, spiritually and mentally.  While a little of this would not hurt us if we are keeping a spiritual mindset the cumulative effects add up but it does seem to hit suddenly or maybe the realization just comes on that way.  I try to stay mindful of what I am in taking in these days try to set aside some time each day to meditate and pray.  Maybe listen to some uplifting music and read some scripture.  The effects of these small actions can have a great and sudden impact on myself and those around me cause I am  better equipped to be in the world when in a spiritual mindset.  If a fraction of the world spent a little more time on the positive and a little less time on the news, reality TV, the latest want, junk food and gossip to name a few the world might be a much brighter place to live in.  While I think with how busy we are now with all our distractions we spend less and less time on spirituality and more and more time on mindless endeavors.  A good test for me is when I drive to work in the morning if I am disturbed about the traffic I am not doing what I should but when I am checking out the trees and the clouds I’m on the right path.  With so much advancement in the world these days I think everybody could use a little more time to advance their hearts.


What did you consume today?



Peace Love Das