2 Measures of Spritual Progress

1. Am I at peace?

2. Am I helping others?


That’s it! That’s what I generally boil it down to.  Am I at peace? Is there joy in my life or am I dreading everyday?  Am I getting better at living life going through it with more peace in my heart.  If I am not a peace it is time to change something, keep track of what works and keeping moving towards that peace.

Now onto number 2, Am I helping others?  Well what good is all the peace and good vibes if you are not sharing it and no I don’t mean banging on doors with some spiritual book in your hand.  I mean being nicer to be people allowing them to live life, holding a door, making a donation, helping in hard times, general good will to mankind and doing so without judgment in your heart.


Well, how do you gauge your progress? 


Peace Love Das


As a goal I seek to be a conduit for the divine.  A channel of peace and love.  Through spiritual work, any kind of spiritual work I feel the channel becomes more free flowing and allows that energy to pass through better.  It keeps me acting out of love instead of reacting out of ego.  That divine energy is always there to tap into but it can be blocked as in the way the sun is always shinning but it is harder to see with the clouds in the way let alone feels its warmth.  When someone is lashing out at me due to some suffering in their life I can either react out of ego and lash back ruining both of our days or I can act out of love.  This type of reaction can change not only the way I conduct business but also the person receiving it.  It can let them know that someone cares show them a little understanding.  I have seen this approach stop people in their tracks and it dawn on them that their actions are not appropriate.  It has the power to turn a negative experience into a positive one.  Two people may even gain a friend when they so desperately need one.  This is a practice and like any practice it most be strengthened in the presence of those we love so it can be used towards people who may not love us.  Being mindful of any situations we can provide that conduit for love to all, it isn’t always easy but it is always worth it for our happiness and others.


Peace Love Das