Today was a good food day and a good all around mental health day. The snow was falling here changing over to rain mid morning, a good day to stay inside and relax. Mid way through the day I decided to make some black beans and kale, it was nice to take the time to cook and add all the spices. While I am not the worst cook in the world I usually leave the cooking up to the little lady as her skills are far better than mine. I had the kale and beans for lunch and she made a nice dinner which lead to some tea.  I feel great getting into bed tonight. I try to eat healthy most days but the convineince of crap food ropes me in sometimes. If you really think about it, it is amazing the amount of food that is sold that doesn’t begin to come close to real food. I think about how much time in family life used to be devoted to cooking and how that time is spent working longer hours and eating microwaved food now. When I take the time to sit down to a meal I try to say a prayer and think about all the things that went into preparing that meal.  The farmer who grew the food, the truck driver who got it to the store, the hours I worked to pay for it, the time that went into preparing it and everything in between. When I take the time to do that I am not only more connected to what I am eating and then more wisely about what I will do with the energy I gain from the food but I am more grateful.  It’s easy to take things like this for granted but I try to remember there is a great many people to don’t have regular access to a consistent food supply.  I hope you get to eat for life and help today with the ones you love.

Peace Love Das

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